Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Dark Magician Deck Build (2022)

In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series, Yami Yugi would routinely call on his Dark Magician ace card to bail him out. Fast forward to today, and Dark Magician has quite a bit of support in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Dark Magician has a lot of archetype-centric cards that can help bring out the best in the ultimate caster. While some of the Dark Magician cards don’t make it to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master duel have many.

So what should a Dark Magician deck look like in Master Duel? Let’s see how we would build an in-game deck using Yugi’s Ace monster.

Main deck monsters

Let’s start with the Main Deck monsters:

  • (x3) Max “C” – Hand Trap, which adds traction as one card can be added to the hand per Special Summon during the turn it was activated. Very helpful in stopping opposing players from rushing onto the field as well, especially when they finish second.
  • (x3) Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring – Versatile Hand Trap that turns off various effects that can either Special Summon or add cards from the main deck.
  • (x3) dark magician – Main Deck Key Cog and Boss monsters. Can be Special Summoned by a variety of ways including Mage Souls, Eternal Soul, or Dark Curtain of Magic.
  • (x3) souls of magicians – Required to Special Summon a Dark Magician (DM) from GY, as it can send one to GY and then be sent to bring it out.
  • (x3) Magic wand – 4* monsters that can be used to search for spells or traps related to Dark Magicians.
  • (x2) Illusionist Apprentice – 6* monsters that can be used as a double threat. Can be Special Summoned by sending a card to GY (i.e. Dark Magician), and protect it on the field by increasing DM’s ATK/DEF via Quick Effect.
  • (x1) Palladium Oracle Mahad – 7*, 2500 ATK monsters. Can be Special Summoned when drawn (can be used in conjunction with Soul Servant), and can Special Summon Dark Magician when destroyed by battle and/or card effects.
  • (x1-x2) Dark Magician Girl (optional) – Has synergy with Dark Magician, especially in GY.
  • (x2) Dogmatika Ecclesia, the virtuous (optional) – Should really only be used if you want to run Dogmatika Punishment. Can be Special Summoned onto the field, searching for Punishment or another Dogmatika card.
  • (x1) Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the ridden one (optional) – Works well in conjunction with Dogmatika Punishment and Ecclesia. 2500 ATK Bat that can be Special Summoned from the hand and can negate face-up monster effects.

Aside from the aforementioned Dark Magician, this deck relies heavily on hand traps and supports monsters that can work towards the main goal of the deck: bringing Dark Magician onto the field. In virtually every scenario, you’ll want to start with either a staff or souls, as well as a soul minion (which we’ll get to) quickplay spells.

If you can do that, you’re off to a good start. Then simply use Souls’ effect to draw out the Dark Mage, if applicable.


Now for the spells:

  • (x3) Secret Village of Wizards – Keyfield Spell. Acts as a floodgate when Dark Magician (or another Spellcaster) is on the field, since the opponent cannot activate spells while they and a Spellcaster are on the field.
  • (x3) soul servant – Quick cast that can put a Dark Magician or Dark Magician related card on top of the deck. Combines well with Dark Magician Circle and can also add attraction via its second effect.
  • (x2-x3) chicken game – Provides some protection thanks to its effect and when you have less LP than the opponent, but the main benefit is the ability to draw a card.
  • (x2) Circle of Dark Magicians – Can be searched via magic wand. Besides the ability to search the top of the deck and add a card from it, he can also target and banish a card the opponent controls when a Dark Magician is called onto the field.
  • (x2) summoned from the grave – Banishes monsters from the opponent’s Graveyard and negates its effects. Mainly used to negate hand traps.
  • (x1-x2) Eye of Timaeus – Can be used to merge with The Dark Magicians.
  • (x1) terraforming – Search for Secret Village of the Spellcaster or Chicken Game.
  • (x1-x2) thunderstorm – Can be used in place of Harpie’s Duster. Destroys Attack Position or Spell/Trap Cards from opponent’s side of the field. Must have no faceup cards to activate.
  • (x1-x2) Mystery of Dark Magic (optional) – Not as powerful as Timaeus, but can be used as a replacement.

The spells for this deck are pretty important, as these cards help get the Dark Magician either into your hand or into your graveyard. From there, getting it onto the field shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, others like Lightning Storm and Called by the Grave are general protection cards. And Secret Village offers a wide range of protection thanks to its magic card negation.

Ideally, Soul Servant should be in the starting hand. Of course, this cannot be influenced, but can be added via Magician’s Rod. If you have the Dark Mage Circle, activate it and then chain it

Other spells that can be used in this deck are:

  • Pot of Prosperity
  • Raigeki
  • Harpie Duster
  • Strikethrough identifier
  • Twin Twisters
  • Dark magic curtain


To stay competitive with other meta decks, Dark Mages need a few traps. Here’s a look at which traps work best:

  • (x3) skill drain – Negates all monster effects on the field. Keeps games competitive and doesn’t harm Dark Magician since it’s a normal monster.
  • (x3) Eternal Soul (optional) – Protects the Dark Magician by not being affected by opponent’s card effects. Can also Special Summon from hand or Graveyard. However, the big disadvantage of this card is that it destroys all monsters you control when it leaves the field.
  • (x2-x3) Dogmatic Punishment (optional) – Should be used when using other Dogmatika cards in the build. Can pop the opponent’s monster using Extra Deck.
  • (x2-x3) Mage Navigation (optional) – Another card that can be used to Special Summon the Dark Magician. Requires a Dark Mage in hand to activate.

Also, Solemn Judgment and Solemn Strike are two other traps that can work with this deck. If you don’t plan on doing Dogmatika Punishment or any of the other cards listed above, it might be best to perform at least two Solemn Judgments. If Eternal Soul is popped while a Dark Mage is on the field, DM will also be removed. So Protection might be the way to go if you find that it gets destroyed quite often.

Additional deck

And now for the extra deck:

  • (x2) The dark magicians – 2800 ATK Fusion Monsters as additional attraction, can activate Eternal Soul or Quick-Play spells instantly.
  • (x2) Black illusion magician – 2500 ATK Xyz Monsters that can Special Summon a Dark Magician from the hand or Deck and target and banish the opponent’s monster when one of them attacks.
  • (x1) Ebony High Mage – Can activate a Quickcast and/or Trap from the hand while it is on the field and contains Xyz Material.
  • (x1) Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder – Acts as a board wipe as long as it has two or more cards as material. Can use Illusion or High Magician to Special Summon its effect.
  • (x1) Linkuriboh – Can be used to stall if needed. Can use Mage Souls for Link Summons.
  • (x1) Crystron Halqifibrax – Look for the Prank Kids Spell/Trap Card after the Summon. Can self-tribute to put two Prank Kids monsters from GY into your hand.
  • (x1) I.:P Masquerena ※ Can be used to instantly Link Summon into a Link 3 or 4 monster during your opponent’s turn, as long as you have enough materials.
  • (x1) Knightmare Phoenix – Connect 2 monsters that can destroy a Spell/Trap on the field.
  • (x1) Knightmare Unicorn – Connect 3 monsters that can target a card on the field and shuffle them into the Deck.
  • (x1) Selene, Queen of Mages – Link 3 monsters that can Special Summon Spellcaster monsters from the hand or Graveyard.
  • (x1) Apollousa, Arch of the Goddess – Link 4 monster that acts as a large floodgate thanks to its negation ability. If possible, you should go first.
  • (x1) Access Code Talker – Link 4 monster, which should be Special Summoned with Link 3 Monster, since it can increase Accesscode’s ATK up to 6300. Can also pop cards on the opponent’s side of the field.
  • (x1) Older entity N’tss (optional) – Can target and destroy a monster on the field when put on GY. Used in conjunction with Dogmatika Punishment.

Dark Mage decks can do a lot of damage in ranked play. It might not be considered a meta deck and has the same firepower as Drytrons, Eldlich, or even Tier 2 decks like Dinosaurs and Prank-Kids. But with the right user, it can generate profits thanks to the various negates it can execute. And if the TCG is any indication, more support for Dark Mages in Master Duel should be on the way.

https://www.gamepur.com/guides/yu-gi-oh-master-duel-dark-magician-deck-build Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Dark Magician Deck Build (2022)

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