Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Cyber ​​Dragon deck build (2022)

Yu-Gi-Oh! The GX series introduced fans to several new prototypes, including the Cyber ​​Dragons. Up to this point, this prototype has been around for almost two decades and it can still hold its own thanks to the added power and support cards. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Cyber ​​Dragons is a viable deck, but how can you build a matching deck? Take a look at how to build our Cyber ​​Dragon deck in Master Duel.


The Main Deck Monsters, as well as the various accessories, play an important role in the preparation of the scene. Here’s a look at the monsters needed for this build.

  • (x3) Maxx “C” – Extra draw power, as a card can be added to the hand each Special Summon the turn it is activated. Very useful in preventing opposing players from spilling onto the field.
  • (x2-x3) Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring – Versaitile handle disables various effects that can be Special Summoned or add cards from the Main Deck.
  • (x3) Cyber ​​Dragon – Classic 2100 ATK, 5* Monsters can be Special Summoned to the field when your opponent controls 1+ Monsters, while you control none.
  • (x3) Cyber ​​Dragon Herz – Cyber ​​Dragon Monsters’, including Herz, whose name becomes Cyber ​​Dragon when on the field or in the GY, in most cases. Herz, when sent to the GY, can add a Cyber ​​Dragon to his hand. Also becomes 5* when Special Summoned to the scene, through the effect of the Core or the Revsystem.
  • (x1-x3) Cyber ​​Dragon Nachster – Can be Special Summoned to the field by removing a Monster. Cyber ​​Dragon Monster can be targeted with 2100 ATK (Cyber ​​Dragon, Cyber ​​Dragon Nova, Cyber ​​Dragon Infinity) from GY when Normal or Special Summoned.
  • (x3) Cyber ​​Dragon Core – Search for a “Cyber” card from the deck when Summoned. A “Cyber ​​Dragon” can also be Special Summoned, when this card is in the GY and you control no Monsters
  • (x2-x3) Galaxy Soldier – Very useful when reaching Cyber ​​Dragon Infinity, as it can be Special Summoned upon eliminating a LIGHT Monster and can be done multiple times per turn. Also looks for another copy of itself when Special Summoned.
  • (x1) Electromagnetic Tortoise – This card while in the GY can be banished and end your opponent’s Battle Phase. Can be sent to GY by the effect of Nachster or Galaxy Soldier (from the hand), or by the Chimeratech Rampage Dragon (from the deck).
  • (x1-x2) Jizukiru, Kaiju Destruction Star – Can be Special Summoned to the opponent’s side of the field by pursuing a Monster outside their field. Can be used to remove a Monster that negates summoning effects or abilities. Jizukiru can be found through the Cyber ​​Repair Plant.

There are many different ways of playing that can be done with these Monsters, but arguably the best is to do a short OTK (one turn kill) strategy, which relies on the resource usage of the deck. Wrap the field with Monsters, and then the Extra Deck Monsters board, which we’ll dive into a bit more.


Here’s a look at the required Spells:

  • (x3) Online emergency – Add a Cyber ​​Dragon Monster card to the hand. Can only be used once per turn.
  • (x3) Machine cloning – Can target one 500 ATK or less Monster you control, and Special Summon two cards of the same name. Herz, Nachster, and Core all become “Cyber ​​Dragons” on the field, so it can be used to bring out two Cyber ​​Dragons.
  • (x3) Pot of prosperity – The best “Pot” card to use with this deck. Extra Deck Monster banishment is required, but can add a copy of three or six unearthed cards on top of the deck.
  • (x2) Electronic repair factory – Can be used when “Cyber ​​Dragon” in GY. Add a LIGHT Machine Monster to your hand. Can also target Galactic Warrior, Electromagnetic Turtle and Jizukiru.
  • (x1-x2) Cyber ​​Revsystem – Can Special Summon “Cyber ​​Dragon” from hand or GY.
  • (x1) Fusion overload – Can be used to Special Summon a DARK Fusion Monster, or Chimeratech Rampage or Chimeratech Overdragon, using materials from the field or GY. Often milled with the effect of Predaplant Verte Anaconda.
  • (x1) Cyberload Fusion (Optional) – Special Summon a Fusion Monster with “Cyber ​​Dragon” as the required material. Not necessary, but banished Monsters can also be used as materials. Can also be milled using Verte’s effect.
  • (x1-x2) Lightning storm (Optional) – Destroy Attack Position or Spell/Trap Cards from your opponent’s side of the field. There must be no face up cards to activate.
  • (x1-x2) Twin Twisters (Optional) – Up to two Spell/Trap Cards can be destroyed. Deals with Spells/Traps, like Lightning Storm.

This deck doesn’t have much in the way of Defense Spells. Instead, the Spells in this deck add extra charm and help move quickly towards a quick victory.


  • (x1) Electromagnetic overflow – Slay “Cyber ​​Dragon” Monsters of varying levels (up to 3 with this build) and destroy cards in the field up to that total. Can also add a Trap/Spell “Net” if destroyed in the field.

Also look for the Major Trap if you need any help getting 40 cards, like Infinite Impermanence and Solemn Judgment. Those will help block the opposing monster’s effects and limit other players’ combos.

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Extra deck

The Extra Deck is extremely important to this build. These cards help turn a good field into a great one, as Extra Deck Monsters add the ability to pop cards and remove effects. Plus, some of these cards also have high ATK.

  • (x2) Chimeratech Fleet Dragon – Can be Special Summoned with a Fusion card, and requires a “Cyber ​​Dragon” Monster and a Monster in the Extra Monster Zone. Fleet Dragon can use the opponent’s monster in the latter position, making it a very wise choice.
  • (x2) Cyber ​​Dragon Nova – Two 5 * LIGHT Machine Monsters (ie Cyber ​​Dragon, Galaxy Soldier) are required to Xyz Summon. Its ATK can be raised to 4200 by banishing a material and can also Special Summon a Cyber ​​Dragon if one is in the GY.
  • (x2) Cyber ​​Dragon Infinity – Need Nova as raw material. Can negate either Monster effects or activate Spell/Trap per turn. 2100 ATK Monsters can also suck the Attack Positioned Monster from the other side and add it as an Material.
  • (x1) Chimeratech Overdragon – At least one “Cyber ​​Dragon” is required. DARK Fusion Monsters take attack equal to 800 x the number of Machine Monsters used to Summon. Can become quite powerful if multiple Monsters are used.
  • (x1) Chimeratech Rampage Dragon – 2100 ATK monsters can be used to summon Nova, if needed. Pops Spells / Trap cards on the field, up to the maximum number of Monsters used to summon. It is also possible to send two Monsters from the deck to the GY and attack up to two more times.
  • (x1) Cyber ​​Eternity Dragon – 2800 ATK / 4000 DEF Monsters can be Special Summoned if Nova is destroyed.
  • (x1) Cyber ​​Dragon Sieger – 2 2100 ATK Link Monsters can grant 2100 ATK to themselves or another Machine Monster you control, when an attack is declared by a card other than itself during the Battle Phase. It is not possible to self-damage in battle when activated, but any other Monster, including Monsters with increased ATK, can.
  • (x1) Lyrilusc – Assemble Nightingale – Requires two Level 1 Monsters as materials (Herz and Nachster). Can attack directly, If available, can Special Summon Divine Arsenal AA – ZEUS – Sky Thunder during Main Phase 2.
  • (x1) Arsenal Divine AA – ZEUS – Sky Thunder – Can send all tags in the field, except itself, when two documents are not tied together. Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale, Nova or Infinity can be used as materials.
  • (x1) Linkuriboh – Linking 1 Monster can turn a Monster’s ATK to 0 when targeted for an attack. Requires Herz or Nachster to summon.
  • (x1) Predaplant Verte Anaconda – Link 2 monsters that can receive the effects of Overload Fusion and Fusion Summon Chimeratech Overdragon or Chimeratech Rampage. Limited to one copy.
  • (x1) Transcoding talker – 2300 ATK, Link Type 3. Used to summon Accesscode Talker.
  • (x1) Access code walkie-talkie – Link 4 Monsters that need to be Special Summoned with a Link 3 Monster, as it can raise the Accesscode’s ATK to 5300. Can also pop cards on your opponent’s field.
  • (x1) IP Masquerena (Optional) – Can be used to Link Summon immediately to a 3 or 4 Link Monster during your opponent’s turn, as long as you have enough materials.

Just by looking at these cards, several combos can be put into place. Special Summon two Galaxy Soliders by removing Cyber ​​Dragon Herz and Cyber ​​Dragon, then Special Summon Infinity as one. Normal Summon Core, using Machine Clone, and then using various assist cards to get Infinity, Verte Anaconda and Chimeratech Rampage Dragon are among the other abilities. One nice aspect of this build is that through ZEUS, Chimeratech Rampage, and Infinity, it has several ways to win duels.

Cyber ​​Dragons thanks to their strength can easily bring players to Platinum rank. While it will struggle with the top meta decks, it can hold its own, making it a nice viable deck. Although, it might be better if the banlist gets a correction in the future.

https://www.gamepur.com/guides/yu-gi-oh-master-duel-cyber-dragon-deck-build Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Cyber ​​Dragon deck build (2022)

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