YouTuber Updates Elden Ring Bosses With Shrek, Homer Meme Mods

To be fair, Homer should have known better than to enter Shrek’s swamp.
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Gather, readers, as I delight you with another story about the weird shit players are up to Elden ring. Don’t worry, this post isn’t about that panties, Assassination of Turtle Clericsor rolling death strats (we have already done that). This time, Elden ring has become an even crazier gaming experience thanks to a YouTuber’s crazy and surreal modding efforts.

YouTuber Toasted Shoeswho uploaded a bunch of modified gameplay videos has a video aptly named “Elden ring but ruined by mods.” While these mods don’t necessarily ruin the game, they do transform it Elden ring into the feverish dream of an incurable online gamer. FromSoftware’s bold reimagining of new hotness replaced by Australian YouTuber Elden ring‘s bosses and NPCs with popular cartoon characters, making for a hilarious and chilling viewing experience.

Using mods created by other YouTubers garden of eyes, ToastedShoes stars as a troubled Homer Simpson who boldly embarks on a quest to find the “Elden Donut.” Someone might want to point him out to what Elden Ring actually is (you know, once players actually figure that out). Here is a list of some Elden ring Characters and the famous cartoon characters they replaced in the ToastedShoes video.

The highlight of the video is Homer’s fight with the tree guard, an early optional boss. Allow me to set the scene. Grazing listlessly in the Limgrave woods Elden ring‘s goats, which were accidentally turned into the terribly lanky Sonic the Hedgehogs. (It wouldn’t be a fevered video of a video if Sonic didn’t appear somewhere in it.) Suddenly, the Sonic Goats retreat in horror as the Tree Warden approaches Homer and demonstrates his dominance with a twirl of his axe. Limgrave must be near a swamp because the Tree Sentinel has been transformed by dangerous PC mod sorcery into a glassy-eyed Shrek who rides a donkey on his horse.

A mix of sound clips from the Shrek Movies and on-the-spot Homer Simpson voice overs from the voice actor Benjamin Rudman play intermittently during their very one-sided fight. After getting his generous butt, Homer decides to tactfully back off. cowards survive. This fight doubles as Shrek Story no one asked for and is ToastedShoes’ favorite scene in the video.

“I love the Shrek and Donkey mod,” ToastedShoes said kotaku “Seeing Shrek as his ‘noble steed’ riding a donkey seems almost poetic.”

Although the YouTuber has become known for creating modified gameplay videos, that wasn’t always the plan. Before he had 574,000 subscribers, ToastedShoes started his YouTube channel in 2013 with the sole purpose of creating content with his friends.

“As [time] As I progressed, I noticed that people were making mod content for games such as GTA5 and Minecraft, that was incredible,” he said. “But I noticed and wondered why that wasn’t done in more games. So I decided to take the plunge and reach out to some of the most talented modders on the web.”

Unfortunately, the downside is that ToastedShoes uploads something so unique Elden ring video is the some Internet people repost clips without mentioning or linking to him and his collaborators, and they may get more attention for it than he does. While it’s not uncommon for developers who upload content inspired by a new video game to have their creations re-released, ToastedShoes said it was disheartening that the people he worked with didn’t give any credit for their work on the edit , sync and create mods for his videos. However, he said that doesn’t stop him from posting more absurd modified gameplay videos. In fact, he plans to do more Elden ring Videos with even more mods.

“If everything works out,” ToastedShoes said, “I’d like to modify everything Elden ring!” God help us all. YouTuber Updates Elden Ring Bosses With Shrek, Homer Meme Mods

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