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Anjali Bhimani holds the cover of her self-help book in front of her face.

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When you put in an Ultimate surveillance 2Your beloved support-turned-damage character Symmetra tells the player that “reality bends to my will”. Anjali Bhimani, the voice actress behind the unforgettable Indian character, has just written an entire book aimed at teaching fans how to be that confident. It’s called I’m a Funny Size, and So Are You!: A Tiny Human’s Thoughts on a Huge Life. Speak with kotaku via Zoom, Bhimani reveals that one of her biggest career obstacles so far has been struggling with whether or not to believe in herself at all. Perhaps that is precisely why she is a good place to connect with anyone who has ever doubted themselves.

You know, that lingering question about whether you’re going to achieve your dream or whether you even have it in you to be good enough to try. Even if you have people in your camp who shoo away your self-doubt, Bhimani said, if you don’t believe in yourself, you can only get so far.

“I could remember having this conversation with one of my best friends six or seven years ago and I was like, ‘You know, I’ve spent so many years telling myself or other people all these reasons why ‘Oh I probably won’t succeed or all these reasons why this won’t work and the universe still surprises me with all these amazing things,’ said Bhimani.

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With 13 voice-over credits, 93 acting credits, and the 2016 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game under her belt, it doesn’t seem like Bhimani has reason to be insecure. If only brain were that easy. However, when Bhimani realized her self-doubt, it was like a revelation – and one she wants to share with the world. Bending reality to her will transformed, so to speak, from an insecure artist into a beloved figure, both within the over watch community and the voice-over industry at large. To get to this point in her personal development, she had to think differently.

“What would happen if I stopped arguing for my own dissatisfaction and just went along with it like, ‘Okay, you keep throwing these amazing opportunities into my lap? And when I take them, good things happen. What would happen if I just said yes please, I want more of this?’”

The spirit behind the book is pure, but it’s still a strange time for a book release like this. Activision Blizzards over watch had a turbulent life cycle until the release of its sequel, surveillance 2. With the departure of its longtime director Jeff Kaplanlead author Michael Chuand the recent departure of its lead hero designer, Geoff Goodman, surveillance 2 seems poised to become 2022’s free-to-play nightmare. It is hard to remember any glimmer of light or hope that might once have been promised in it often reconnected lore and ads. However, an offshoot of the game Has consistently provided fans with wholesome content over watchthe many peaks and valleys of : the heartfelt YouTube videos of its voice actors, who together have over 121,000 subscribers.

I’m fun size comes from a place where I want to give to the people I care about overwatch, Gaming and artistic community, I really didn’t want to give that up,” said Bhimani.

Well, if it weren’t for the YouTube content over watch‘s voice actors—particularly Bhimani and sombra‘s actress Carolina Ravassa — the fandom would have struggled to survive Blizzard’s long content droughts. Many of the videos from the Ravassa and Bhimani YouTube channels contain tons of In-character sketches and out-of-character segments. The most popular video shows the over watch Voice actresses doing the characters’ dance emotes for the game’s first anniversary. Although their joint videos are more likely to dish out Fanservice for players in the form of short IRL sketchesIn between appearances at various video game and comic book conventions, the actors also give their fans career tips with their castmates.

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I’m fun size originally started as a web series Anjali’s YouTube channel in 2017 as a “love letter to the community of artists, creators and gamers”. In her web series, Bhimani offers creatives advice she has learned throughout her acting career. Bhimani’s book includes sections where she talks about overcoming underestimating yourself, choosing the right career path, and loving yourself. Similar to the web series, the book will feature quotes and advice from fellow voice actors such as Jason Ritter (Dipper from gravity falls) and colleague over watch Voice actors like Jen Cohn (Pharah), Ravassa and Josh Petersdorf (Roadhog). IAFS also includes delightful illustrations by Vivian Truongand lessons Bhimani learned from her “furry little creature”. Karl. It was through such friends that Bhimani was even encouraged to write a book. She organized her book with sticky notes and got to work.

“In this case, I ended up with a very small window to take three weeks very, very early in the morning, like 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., and just write everything down,” Bhimani said.

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Then came navigating the publishing process. Bhimani said she almost went with a publisher who wanted her to change the way she phrased things that she felt were very important to the book’s tone, particularly the instances where Bhimani was in the book swears. Ultimately, however, Bhimani had to step on the gas and eventually founded her own publishing company. Tiny Paws Productionsnamed after her dog, Chester, where she contracted people one-by-one to have the book bound.

As this began, Bhimani said, relationships with her friends and work colleagues began to blossom because she didn’t stand in her own way, bogged down by her own self-doubt.

“Of course we all have our doubts, especially actors. It often happens that you don’t get a job because for some reason people decide that you are not the right person for the job. You can’t be the person to put yourself down before everyone else does. You just have to get out there. And if you’re scared, great. It means you care,” Bhimani said. “Just turn that nervousness into excitement if you can and use it to spur you on instead of carrying around the fear that’s holding you back.”

While over watch Community served as inspiration for IAFS, the game is by no means what the series is exclusively about. There are so many larger forces at play that have affected work, like a global pandemic.

“[I Am Fun Size] is a much bigger mission than any project, game, movie or TV show I’ve ever done. And that’s why it’s so personal, because this is where my passion for storytelling meets my purpose of wanting to help people see the light and power within themselves and take that out into the world and understand that they have that freedom of choice. They have that power no matter how small they feel.”

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In recent years, Bhimani says, people have all gone through a level of difficulty, fear, loneliness and isolation that most of us have never experienced in our lives. Now is the right time for that IAFS because even though we’re all so connected through 9,000 different gadgets, it’s also very easy to feel alone in today’s parasocial world. That feeling that because everyone on the internet is talking, no one can hear you.

“The most important thing for me in writing this book was to let people know that you are not alone. You may not have anyone close to you who has the same experiences as you, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone,” she said. “There’s always someone there to help, have a shoulder to cry on, crack a joke, lighten the load.”

Whether people are fun-size and petite or king-size and huge doesn’t matter to Bhimani. Ultimately, it is important to her that people recognize that they have a “huge self” within them that makes life seem exciting and fulfilling even in the darker times.

You must read the actual book to get to the heart of Bhimani’s encouragement. But without revealing everything, Bhimani said the best advice she ever received, the knowledge that helped her whenever she felt small and alone, came from her cousin, a “brilliant artist and concert pianist.” .

‘Because you’re doing the work, because you’re studying, because you’re pushing, because you’re always developing your craft, even your crash and burning is better than your best before,’” Bhimani said. “There is progress no matter what the outside world shows you, whether you’re having a slack in your career or you’re having great success.”

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The phenomenon of imposter syndrome that Bhimani addresses also manifested itself in me in my second year as a games journalist. Hearing her cousin’s quote ringed true to me because I had to constantly remind myself when I felt like I’d hit a lull in my output or received more edits than usual on a particular article to avoid it seen as a lack of progress on my part, but as an opportunity to hit back harder with the next article, I make my note.

In the darkest of times, Bhimani said, the universe creates things behind the scenes that can lead to something “absolutely amazing.” In the past, when Bhimani was afraid, wanted to quit, or didn’t believe in herself, she said she continued. To her surprise, her efforts bore fruit, especially when she landed her role as Symmetra over watch and starred in her first Broadway show.

“Success means something different to each of us. And not letting anyone else decide what that means for you, because only you as an individual can decide what that means,” Bhimani said. “That was a really imIt’s an important part of growing up as an artist, persevering and knowing how happiness looks to you, not how it looks to other people.” Your favorite Overwatch voice actress is here to cheer you up

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