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Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony
Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony

Russell Westbrook along with his teammate the Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t stop taking the Ls as they added one more to their list of disastrous losses despite being so close to winning. In what appeared to be a glaring lack of understanding, communication and decision-making skills, Carmelo Anthony fired a brick after he received a pass from LeBron James, who had been under a lot of pressure and only scored Remember 1 point difference. between both teams favored the Clippers at the time. Russell Westbrook, who was right under the belt, could do nothing but monitor the status of his team, who were unable to change anything to get the dub needed.

Carmelo Anthony think he has a little Stephen the curry in him when he tried to hit a 30-footer with about 9 seconds left on the clock despite the many passes and kicks he could have made instead of rushing into the 3-pointer that made they lost the game a much-needed win. Russell Westbrook, who was just below the belt in this encounter seemed to have rocked as he watched Carmelo Anthony, 37, try for 3 points and was not surprised when Anthony missed.

LeBron James, who passed the ball to Anthony after losing a lot of time, is also being blamed by the Internet for passing the ball to a player who appeared to have grown tired of his shots after not being able to perform regularly. and so the problems in No Way look like they’ll end any time soon for the Lakers.

Now let’s take a closer look at this scene that includes James’ pass, Anthony’s shot and Westbrook’s facial expression, the funniest and saddest things you’ll see at the same time.

Carmelo Anthony Disappoints Lakers Including Russell Westbrook With Failed “Glory-Shot”

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

LeBron James Disappointed and same Russell Westbrookand it showed in their expressions as James began to calculate the different options he could choose instead of passing the ball to Melo, who gave the Lakers a much-needed win over the Clippers, who was as stiff as a nail in battle. and doesn’t seem to have given up any time soon.

LeBron James, who passed the ball to Carmelo Anthony, 37, after a brilliant shot taken by the Clippers’ Marcus Morris probably thought that Melo would do the scene or at least pass it on to someone else to give them a 1 point lead, which would give them the dub. Instead, what actually happened was that LeBron wasted quite a bit of time before delivering a supposedly “bad” pass to Anthony, who then, instead of passing it to anyone else, did. did a 3 point 30 foot effort, eventually missed like everyone. The Lakers looked disappointedly at Melo first and then at James, who passed it on to him.

Russell Westbrook’s Disappointed Face

The Lakers lost their chance to take the lead with just 2.2 seconds left on the clock and ultimately lost a game they could have easily won without this streak at the last minute, which was a big win. Stephen the curry LeBron James’ level of expectations from any of his teammates at the Lakers.

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Russell Westbrook looked more frustrated when LeBron passed the ball to Carmelo instead of choosing someone else and Carmelo missed with ease, more than the Lakers’ close loss to the Clippers. With what appeared to be a never-ending river of grief for the Lakers and specifically Russell Westbrook, who was repeatedly fired for his inconsistent performances, the Lakers lost yet another game. fighting again and could do nothing to get out of the mud.

Lakers vs Clippers, 105-102

2 38 - FirstSportz
Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers vs Clippers match that ended with a 3-point win for the Clippers was nothing more than a complete failure of planning and understanding for the former, a team that has struggled to find form and Taking the lead in the league to even be in contention for the playoffs, its chances, seem slim at this point for the Lakers.

In a disappointing team performance, James led the Lakers with 21 points, followed by Anthony and Westbrook, who each scored 18 in an inadequate effort.

Clippers vs Lakers Highlights

Terence Mann took the lead for the Clippers, who had an overall in-game performance with 19 points, followed by Luke Kennard, who scored 18, and then Reggie Jackson, who scored 17 in an effort enough to help. they have a competition with the Lakers .

Russell Westbrook, who has suffered throughout the season with his inconsistent performances will finally be a little satisfied at least to some extent after witnessing someone have a great performance. performing worse than him, but this does not mark the end of his struggle as the Lakers still have a long way to go.

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