“You could have had a lot of mistakes in the ’90s” Colin Cowherd suggests LeBron James would be less criticized if he played in the Michael Jordan era

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

When we talk about the GOATs of basketball, two names generally come to mind – Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Both are sensational athletes on the court and have had very illustrative careers. While the debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan will likely continue until the end of time, the criticisms both players have had in their respective times on the court have varied widely. Michael Jordan also had weaknesses and was even less cut out for them, on the other hand, LeBron James is playing in an era where the media has more eyes and speaks out about his every wrongdoing on or off the basketball court.

LeBron James versus Michael Jordan
LeBron James versus Michael Jordan

In the GOAT debate, despite everything James has done in his twenty-year career, many still feel he can never surpass the iconic Chicago Bulls megastar. Part of what will always give Michael Jordan a small advantage is that he finished first in the league. With his style of play and his game, he became the first true megastar in professional sports. That set the tone and benchmark for next-gen players like LeBron James to reach similar heights in their game.

Colin Cowherd thinks Michael Jordan is lucky to be playing in the ’90s

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Well, playfully, there’s no doubting six-time NBA Champion Jordan’s skills on the basketball court. He would dominate the game at will and has proven that throughout his career. But recently, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd looked at this debate from a different angle – media coverage. Looking back now, he feels Michael Jordan would have a tougher time now than in the ’90s as the media is more involved in athletes’ activities.

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Colin pointed out the same as he said: “The story would be much more favorable to LeBron. Not that he would be criticized, but he would be criticized a lot less if he played, if Jordan did it and Jordan is playing now, Jordan would get beat up… Michael kind of got lucky. You could have a lot of mistakes in the 90s. Am I wrong there?”

Colin Cowherd gave some examples like Jordan’s scuffles with teammates, gambling before games and his multiple resignations – which would have been heavily targeted by today’s media. In terms of talent, there is no doubt about Jordan’s achievements today, but he is likely to be viewed from different perspectives by the media.

Even now that he’s retired, MJ’s documentary The Last Dance has been seen in a different light. The iconic series garnered plenty of praise in the ’90s and continues to this day, but in the current media era, people got a taste of just how tough it was to be with him at some points. If some of the things that happened then were happening now, fans might not see him in a similar light.

With technology, the internet and social media, elite athletes are being scrutinized more than ever. Their lives are no longer personal and almost everything they do and say is visible to the whole world. Back when Jordan played, the stars still had some separation from the fans, and if Colin’s point is to be believed, Jordan had “bubble protection” from his casters and his own aura.

If the media had had similar control in the 1990s, Jordan might have been denounced in many cases. Retiring multiple times might have been a bigger story as well, his love of gambling, his attempt to play baseball and failing to live up to his status as “unbeatable” in the MLB are some of the points MJ answers would have to.

Jordan and LeBron James are two of the greatest basketball players the game has ever seen – winners of multiple MVP awards in championships and finals with many personal honors. But off the court they went completely different ways. The Bulls star might not have been beaten today, as Cowherd said, but things would certainly have turned out differently. But he’s getting some media reaction “as the owner” of underperforming Charlotte Hornets.

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https://firstsportz.com/nba-news-colin-cowherd-suggests-lebron-james-would-be-less-criticized-if-he-played-in-michael-jordan-era/ “You could have had a lot of mistakes in the ’90s” Colin Cowherd suggests LeBron James would be less criticized if he played in the Michael Jordan era

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