WWE Survivor Series: The Rock 25th Anniversary of the Dual Brand Battle

25-Man Dual Branded Battle Royal to celebrate The Rock’s 25th WWE debut

Back from halftime and we hit the ring with many Superstars waiting – AJ Styles, Omos, Otis, Chad Gable, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Apollo Crew, Commander Azeez , R-Truth, T-BAR, Cesaro, Mansoor, Sami Zayn, Angel, Humberto, Jinder Mahal, Shanky, Erik, Ivar, Drew Gulak. Followed by Ricochet, followed by Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits. Profit has some Pizza Hut items and on the screen shows more items from Pizza Hut. Byron marks and begs Pizza Hut. Profit transfers food to those who notify. We see AJ and Omos standing tall in the corner. Cole advertises The Rock’s 25th Anniversary.

The bell rings and everyone goes into it. AJ jumped to the announcement desk and stood on it to watch. Gulak was knocked first by Omos. Omos threw Benjamin and then Humberto. R-Truth is getting pizza. He brought it back to the ring and offered it to Omos but he didn’t care. Truth gave it to the next Otis and he took it. Otis took a bite and Truth was happy. Otis continues to eat but Truth hits him in the back. Otis grabs Truth and eliminates him. Otis and Omos are facing off against each other. They go into it and collide. Omos hangs clothes to get rid of Otis.

Cesaro tries to get rid of Gable but he continues. Azeez works on Ziggler. Cesaro attacks Gable to eliminate him. Roode and Angel go in there. Ricochet knocks out the T-BAR with a massive flying kick. Ricochet is currently playing in Azeez. Mansoor eliminated Alexander. Ziggler takes out Cesaro with a head knock. Cesaro kicks Ziggler. Roode works to sell Sami. Dawkins eliminates Angel. Cesaro works with Ziggler but Roode forces him to save. Shanky eliminated Ivar after two more SmackDown stars were eliminated, possibly Jinder and Erik.

Shanky and Omos are currently facing off. They go into it and Shanky is eliminated. Mansoor fights Roode and Ziggler, then doubles them, then hits a twin clothesline, but they hold on. Now they double the Mansoor team. Roode and Ziggler eliminate Mansoor. Cesaro worked on Apollo. Ziggler and Roode attack Omos. Root is eliminated. AJ flies in and knocks Ziggler down with a Phenomenal Arm. AJ then removes Ziggler.

Sami calls Ricochet and Cesaro together so they can team up with 3 RAW superstars as they are the only SmackDown Superstars left. They say it is each man for his own but Sami disagrees. Sami doesn’t respect them now. Cesaro interrupted Sami and Ricochet nailed Ripcord to him. Ford and Dawkins eliminate Zayn. Cesaro and Ricochet try to tear down Ford but he keeps going. Omos eliminates Azeez, who is very angry. AJ worked on Crews and then yelled at Azeez as he walked away. Azeez grabs AJ to pull him away but Omos pulls AJ’s legs. Cesaro came from behind and knocked AJ down while Azeez and Omos were playing tug of war with AJ. The crew attacked Omos but Omos captured and eliminated Apollo.

Cole said Omos currently has 8 eliminations, if you include AJ. Omos was now staring at everyone as they surrounded him. Cesaro begs Profit to join forces. They all attack Omos but he fights them. Ford and Ricochet drop the Omos. Dawkins as Cesaro with the top cut, but Omos still shows up. Omos stops them from eliminating him, then he eliminates Cesaro. Omos eliminated Dawkins next. Ford ducks Omos and chops him but Omos eats it and boils. Omos eliminates Ford, tossing him on to the other Superstars. Now it belongs to Omos and Ricochet. Ricochet says some trash and tells Omos to bring it. Ricochet fights with dropkick and attack. Ricochet bends down and tries to push Omos to the floor but he clings and turns. Omos hit Ricochet to the floor to be eliminated last.

Winner: Omos

This is from our WWE Survivor Series live coverage. You can click here for full results, along with our live coverage and Watch Party…


https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/11/wwe-survivor-series-the-rocks-25th-anniversary-dual-branded-battle-royal/ WWE Survivor Series: The Rock 25th Anniversary of the Dual Brand Battle

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