WRUP: Here are the assignments you turned in this semester that explain why I’m failing your issue

by Cat Stevens

The assignment: A seven-page essay using modern literary frames to analyze Beowulf, which demonstrates an understanding of the failure of modern frames to explain stories with a different cultural paradigm.
You have logged in: An envelope with live bees.

The assignment: A summary of a single short story read online, selected from selections provided on the course website by a panel of notable women working in science fiction since the 1960’s.
You have logged in: An envelope with dead bees.

The assignment: A proposal for a science fiction series in the style of a 1970s TV series, followed by a hypothetical retrospective of the series and how its patterns of addressing societal issues would be viewed in the present day.
You have logged in: A seven page essay where you explain why Beowulf the character ate bees and how the story should have included a scene where Beowulf yelled “IT’S BEE TIME” and Grendel spat a hundred bees in his face. They also included seven drawings of this scene and a diagram of Beowulf’s trained “bee sac” in his stomach.

The assignment: Four words in a row.
You have logged in: Another What Are You Playing about bees.

Bonus Question: What is a generally poorly received game that you think is really good? Not necessarily an MMO and not “this is definitely a bad game but I appreciate what it tried to do”. Reviews are negative but you think it’s actually being judged unfairly.


Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s a new season and Big Run is in turn 3so I plan on hitting that hard on top of my practice games.

For live MMOs that don’t have private servers, I still feel like people that don’t need awesome battles, Istria is a good MMO. Too bad it doesn’t get the updates from the first year or so, but plenty of racing, good house building (like the literal choice of floors, walls and pillars), lore that actually deals with undeath in player characters… it’s all very good for role players. Also CRACKmostly for opposite reasons: it still has some of the coolest classes (it’s hard to beat Guild Wars 2), although I didn’t see any RP and the races were a bit bland. The case was still good. Only… not maintained at the moment either. Yes, maybe I should stop liking things!


Andy McAdams: I have no idea where my gaming journey will take me this weekend. World of Warcraft is good for about 60 minutes a day before I get bored and start wandering off. fringe world is always an option, or maybe proceed Subnautica: Below zero? Lots of opportunities this weekend.

Bonus question: Hrm, I can think of a super old game that Lords of Magic by Sierra. I played the crap out of this game even though it was kind of a buggy, unbalanced mess. But I was pretty great at playing Life Nation. Other than that, nothing really stands out as “terrible game I enjoyed it” but I like a lot of weird stuff so there’s bound to be more gobs.


Briana Royce (@nbriannaBlog): Ug, I’m going to be super busy this weekend – one of my kids has a thing that will keep us out – but I need to slip into it Lord of the rings online and I want to get involved in something no one is allowed to talk about (didn’t sign an NDA but studios are clowns) and I have Nobody’s heaven sits on my desk and judges me.

i really loved Diablo III in spite of all the hate for it.


Chris Neal (@wolf eyesBlog): It looks more like offline Monster Hunter Ascension primarily for me as I’ve opened up the Qurious Crafting rabbit hole, but I also plan to keep looking inside destiny 2try possible alt leveling Final Fantasy XIVand maybe a little bit more City of Heroes: Homecoming.

I definitely think so anthem was treated very harshly. It was fun in terms of his combat, and while his plot seemed a little too vague, I was still curious to learn more. But I agree my love for robots and robot suits probably colors my opinion quite a bit. I just miss wielding my shield through a group of bad guys in my big pink Juggernaut suit.


Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_LefebvreBlog): Probably some FFXIV and a bunch of single player stuff; There are some new games that tempt me. Finally a relaxing weekend!

So mega man 7 is really not treated fairly; it’s not as revolutionary as MegaMan X was, but it’s actually a really fun game that tries to advance the classic series formula in a way that resembles its supposed sequel without copying it. I’ll definitely take this over games that mimic the NES versions for no reason, and it’s the last time the series was real Good until mega man 11.


Sam Cash (@thesamkash): I’m just looking around for something to play with. I was planning to play another card game that is passive enough to play as well Mortal online 2. I’ve played it almost enough to maybe play it right.

Bonus: There are so many good games out there that I don’t really give the time to those that are poorly rated. I can’t think of anything!


Tyler Edwards (Blog): I have a D&D session and I keep playing the storyline anthem.

Bonus Question: Like… most of my favorite games. The secret world. Dungeon Siege III. anthem (obviously). To remember. My favorite mass effect Games (by far) are mass effect 2 And Mass Effect: Andromeda. Then there’s a whole host of favorites that aren’t quite universally panned but are deeply controversial and have very vocal critics – New World, Diablo III, StarCraft II, Wrath of the Lich King, Mists of Pandaria, Landmarks.


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