WRUP: Cow Quest, a silly one-page RPG edition

No fossils. They're different.

In Cow Quest you play as a cow on a quest. Each character has three stats. The first is Cow (specify your breed of cows), the second is Quest (specify your quest that cows normally shouldn’t do) and the third is Stupid. Each stat is rated from 1-10; By default, your Cow and Quest stats are at 5 and your Stupid stat is at 1. You can raise or lower your Cow or Quest stats during character creation as long as they still add up to 10, or you can add additional points to the increase Your stupid stat.

To accept a quest, roll 2d10 and add the appropriate value – cow for all cow-related quests, quest for all quest-related quests. If the task is neither related to your quest nor to being a cow, roll 2d10 instead and subtract your Stupid stat. A total of 12 or more means success. If your cow is injured in any way, tag her; After five ticks, your cow will instantly turn into a hamburger. Each time your cow reaches a goal for her quest, tick it. Successfully reaching five ticks means your cow has become a successful quest owner.

Each time your cow completes a cow-related task, tick it. These ticks don’t matter. It’s just a sign of how much of a cow you are. What do you play? cow quest?

Bonus Question: What pet have you owned that made completing daily chores the hardest?


Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): practice games get some work. I can actually take it easy Pokemon Violet since Inteleon for PUGs turned out to be pretty easy, especially if someone knows how to play support chansey. If I can play most of it will probably be in there turn 3 for the Splatfest pre-event. Los team wisdom!

I guess the dog I had as a teenager was the ‘toughest’ since dog walking, but he was a really good dog who rarely gave us any problems. If we’re being perfectly accurate, there was a couple of weeks when my pet rat, who was the wrong sex and didn’t know anything when a buy-one-war-elf-free deal came up, gave birth. That made things difficult. Lots of fun, but we also had to clean the cage more often, make sure mom and kids were properly socialized with people and the aforementioned dog, and watch for humps to make sure we separated them before there were more accidental pregnancies .


Andy McAdams: I will probably continue to do my 95% break World of Warcraft because there is nothing to do. i started playing Lord of the rings online for the first time. I’ve played Burglar and have really enjoyed it so far, although the game is really overwhelming with the sheer volume of all the stuff. I might check out Warden too because a couple of Justin’s articles make it sound like fun. I also bought Grounded, so I might play around with that too. On the gaming front, things have been pretty quiet for me lately.


Briana Royce (@nbriannaBlog): I’m in Lord of the rings onlineand actually I have to stop by mine Star Wars Galaxies Legends shop to refresh my sellers but then back again LOTRO – either some hunter fun or more on my baby champion. Probably both.

I’m hoping people are confusing the bonus question with one about MMOs, because I want to hear about those pesky mini-pets that interrupt daily quests. But yeah, the last cat I had and ever will have was a Maine Coon fluffball that literally shed everywhere all the time, which was a mistake for someone with serious allergies; I was ill for years. Keeping things clean was pushing a boulder up a hill.


Chris Neal (@wolf eyesBlog): This weekend looks very similar to the last one, I will do small projects there Final Fantasy XIV and constant grinding activities in destiny 2. I’ll probably also take a few minutes to watch my husband play Jedi Survivor. Mainly because I have no interest in playing the game myself.

I had a cat named Solstice who often mistook me moving around my apartment to make my bed and get ready for work as playtime as she would run under the sheets and jump on my ankles when I went from bedroom to bathroom and back. Kind of distracting, but also incredibly endearing.


Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_LefebvreBlog): Except for a bit FFXIV (It’s a short time to wait for the patch) I have a few games to review and a few other single player experiences I’d like to get to. Also cats to cuddle. That seems nice enough to me.

My ten year old very large tabby cat is the most affectionate cat imaginable. He never want to be separated from me Always. Even for five minutes. Which is a problem if I…you know…have to do something! Nothing at all! He climbs up on me and purrs and meows. And I can’t even be mad about it because it’s hard to be mad at an animal that misses you when you are asleep.


Sam Cash (@thesamkash): I think it will be an easy weekend for me. I continued my mobile card game binge. I really want to find a more permanent MMO as well. I will probably visit some again soon.

Bonus: I don’t think I really had an annoying pet. I suppose when my cat lays over my hands while typing or playing games, it’s a pain.


Tyler Edwards (blog): New world. I’m trying to finish the season journey and this is making me push my introversion and actually do some group content. The horror.


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