WRUP: Automated A.1. Transcript output of the sauce customer hotline

Hotline Bling

Hello and thank you for calling A.1. Sauce hotline for customers! We aim to help you in any way we can and we urge you to listen carefully to our menu options. Not because they’ve recently changed, but because there are few circumstances where you would call this hotline and we honestly doubt you’ve called before.

If you call because you accidentally A.1. Gravy instead of soy sauce and want to know the proper apology for people who are now being served a tasty but inappropriate meal, press one. If you’re calling to report a British ghost who wants to know who stole the sauce meant for King George, press two. If you’re calling to marry and marinate in our sauce when you’re laid to rest, please hang up, Stuart. The injunction is in effect.

If you call to ask for A.2. Sauce, a task force is en route to your home to ensure the knowledge is never released to the public. Please press four before they arrive. If you call to answer What Are You Play, please hang up and try again. If you call about the washer and dryer, they’ve already been bought. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bonus Question: What’s the most incongruous item you keep on your desk and why?


Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s going to be a busy weekend for sure! I’m going to meet up with some other console gamers (I really hope we can do that Mario Kart: Double Dash for some co-op fun, and jackbox games are always happening too), but there’s also Noibat Community Day, meaning some practice play is needed to burn off some festive food. I’ll try to get some in too turn 3 Play to help out Team Dark Chocolate during this week’s Splatfest prep.

Like many people here, my desk is pretty busy. I’m guessing the weirdest thing out there that won’t ruffle feathers is a Ness from amiibo earthbound. It’s just cute.


Andy McAdams: Not sure – probably some World of Warcraft But I actually burned through quite a bit of the weekly content, so I’m not sure what else there is besides hopefully some Mythic+ runs. I’ve got that “builder” urge again and I never finished subnauticaand bought the sequel in the last Steam sale, so I could frolic under the ocean for a bit.

Before today I would have said that the set were Spongebob shot glasses my mom got me for Christmas (which made me laugh because they were so absurd), but I just put them back in our liquor cabinet. So maybe the Buddha statue outside my window with the singing bowl in his lap?


Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I can try to jump in hell break up a bit, but I’ve recently started a playthrough of Mass Effects Legendary output, which can also take a few minutes. I actually never finished ME1 so maybe the third time is the charm?

My entire workplace is crammed with eclectic knick-knacks, but perhaps the strangest thing is a single guitar-loving California Raisin figurine that was acquired via a Hardee’s ad campaign in the late ’80s. This little fella somehow survived my transfer to/from college and after 35 years still watches over me both at work and at play.


Briana Royce (@nbriannaBlog): I’ve been very busy this week and haven’t actually played anything so I’m hoping to check in with my providers Star Wars Galaxies Legends and do some Minas Tirith stuff in there Lord of the rings online.

The only odd item on my desk right now is a cute gray fox ornament whose eyebrow I just glued back on so it can go back in my daughter’s toy bin.


Chris Neal (@wolf eyesBlog): Returning to my botanical and culinary paths Final Fantasy XIV As I start putting together how to collect and craft things at max level this project will definitely continue. After that, I don’t think I’ll be doing much more than playing more of the demo Theatrical rhythm: Last bar line.

I have a few weird and cute things on my desk, but I suppose the most random ones are the little beanbag pizza and burger cat plushies I own; They exist for no other reason than my love of junk food and cats.


Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, Blog): I have two games to review this weekend and otherwise I have quite a few games to get through. There will probably be some FFXIV also in it to boot.

My desk has been guarded by a cheap plastic Halloween bat decoration called Edgar since about 2008. I will do that not explain me


Sam Cash (@thesamkash): Believe it or not, I’ve spent quite some time on this Mortal online 2. At least I try. I would give too Gwent try this weekend.

Bonus: I have some individually printed MO statues and some miniatures to play with Gloomhaven. I’ve been trying to print things again, so I had a few test prints lying around.


Tyler Edwards (Blog): I planned a D&D game and got a press demo for it Dark Emissary I am planning to check out.


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