Worst Justin Fields recording of all

The last thing the NFL needs is a transfer portal so struggling franchise quarterbacks like Justin Fields can find a new job away from the dysfunctional Chicago Bears.

Somehow, somehow, we’ve arrived at the worst attitude affecting Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields to ever grace this earth: the sophomore pro who needs some kind of transfer portal to get out of town.

Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr came up with this ridiculous idea. While the Bears have for lifetimes epitomized what not to do at quarterback, a transfer portal would shatter the very fabric of what makes the NFL king in America. No other league hopes as honestly as the NFL. The college transfer portal is located in Wild West Stadium.

While college football’s transfer portal could be good for the long term, it will totally ruin the NFL.

Here it is: Worst take on Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields ever

Understandably, there is so much to unpack here. First off, we’re essentially light years away from a transfer portal that even the NFLPA would dream of. The current CBA was only recently ratified. If the players want it, God only knows what they’ll have to give up to the league’s 31 owners plus shareholders who run the publicly traded Green Bay Packers.

Second, with that in mind, players like Fields will either have made it as a pro or not by the time the transfer portal discussion could potentially come into play in the next CBA negotiations. If we want to look at potential players who could be impacted by a potential NFL transfer portal, ask the kids in high school who are so excited about getting their study permits.

Third, if we can get past the idea of ​​a transfer portal that might not enter the NFL fight until the early 2030s, owners will smash this immediately. Transfer portals work in university sports because there are several leagues. The same principle applies to football, allowing a top striker to go from being a beast in the Bundesliga to the best club the EPL could ever offer.

By the time the NFL could even think about adding a transfer window, the league will have learned lessons from the NCAA’s mistakes, or from college football when it inevitably breaks and governs itself as it should. Simply put, it’s far too early to fertilize ideas for implementing a transfer window within the NFL at this point. Free agency is the far better option.

If we go down that rabbit hole on Easter Sunday, a transfer portal in the NFL will eliminate parity once and for all. What good is the NFL draft or plenty of cap space if a moody player can just get up and leave after a year if he feels like it? The reason football is America’s favorite sport is because it embodies the working-class mentality that this great country was built on.

In the NFL, teams can cut players. If a guy stinks or can’t hang when the bullets are flying all over the place, he gets exposed. Half the league is undrafted. Ultimately, people don’t choose football; it chooses you In a game of teamwork and desperation, you can’t kill hope. Otherwise, a quarter of the league becomes the bottom third of baseball and the NBA.

To the extent that Fields is pushed into a tough environment, that falls into the tough stuff category. He may have used a hardship waiver to transfer from Georgia to Ohio State because he didn’t want to hit Jake Fromm. However, it’s not as if Kirby Smart, Ryan Day, or any Power Five coach could walk away from his scholarship. That’s why the transfer portal exists at all.

Ultimately, for a reason, the Bears went against Fields No. Traded 11: To be the savior of the franchise. While this was the previous regime and a bad one that made its way into the professional team I champion, Fields makes no excuses. If Joe Burrow can take a pathetic franchise like the sophomore Cincinnati Bengals to the damn Super Bowl, why can’t Fields do the same in 2022?

And right there is the bar. Will Fields ever be Burrow? No, but he has a chance to be special in Chicago. It may not come immediately, but he’ll have to give it his all over the next three to four years of his rookie contract. No doubt this is a challenging task, but the benefit of being the quarterback to silence the ghost of Sid Luckman is undeniable.

Now is the time for people like Fields to fight their way through adversity and not look for the easy way out. Worst Justin Fields recording of all

John Verrall

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