WOKE Austin School Holds Pride Parade, Parent Consent

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The public education system has been misunderstood by many parents in the United States of America today.

Started as centralized locations where taxpayer-funded staff and facilities were established to educate children in the necessary subjects, equipping them to compete and succeed in life. years of work.

Soon, however, the radicals began to refine their agendas, including promoting sex education and other deviant lesson plans.

From the 1940s onwards, the United States Public Health Service strongly advocated sex education in schools, labeling it as “Urgent need.”

In 1953, the American School Health Association launched a nationwide program of family life education. Two years later, the American Medical Association, in association with the NEA, published five pamphlets commonly known as “Sex education series” for schools.

As more and more children are being raised in single-family homes, often without a father, and with increasing pressure from online platforms, many of them are now struggling with processing. basic problems in life.

In the progressive city of Austin, TX, an elementary school recently held a pride parade through the building’s lobby as part of their pride week, which also featured “Community Circles” about a discussion in which students were asked to keep the conversation going in the classroom, TikTok’s Libs reported.

Students at Doss Elementary School, which serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade, are seen in a video originally posted to Twitter by the school’s Assistant Principal Hannah Wankel but later deleted, marching across the hall waving pride flags, holding signs and shouting “proud.”

This year’s Pride Parade will be held during Pride week, March 21-26. Austin Independent School District Pride Week has seen schools decked out with trinkets rainbow decoration and many gender and gender identity flags.

“Each campus will receive an inspirational guide to suggested activities for PRIDE Week. Campuses are encouraged to plan activities that engage, educate, and inspire. If you have any questions regarding planning activities or for assistance in selecting the resources that are best for your school community, please contact the GSA coordinator. or school counselor,” Austin ISD wrote.

Consistent with LGBT’s emphasis that students are part of a larger community, and should not be “forced” to listen only to their parents’ values, more liberal schools are violating state law.

Students were unlawfully asked to agree to keep conversations contained in this “pride” circle in the classroom. “Respect privacy: ‘What we say in this room is in this room'” initial reading guide. It was reported later changed to read “Respect for privacy: ‘What we say in this room is in this room.’ (Teachers will explain it is acceptable to share with a parent or trusted adult outside of the community circle.)”

After parents objected to the school asking their children not to tell them what was going on, the school changed the agreement to say “teachers will explain it is acceptable to share with parents or trusted adults outside of the community. ”

The original rules of the deal were noted as a violation of the Texas Education Code, as TikTok’s Libs on Twitter revealed.

The code status: “Attempts by any school district employee to encourage or compel a child to withhold information from the child’s parents are grounds for discipline under Section 21.104 (Intra-Year Discharge or Unpaid Suspension under Section 21.104). Probationary Contract), 21,156 (Discharge or Suspension without Pay under Continuation Contract), or 21,211 (Termination or Suspension), if any. “For me, this situation is completely unacceptable, but all the authorities have to do, is make a small change after being arrested.

Solution you may ask?

Close the Department of Education and send education back to the states.

Children must be allowed to learn to read, learn to write, to learn arithmetic, free from the pressures of social justice induced by psychiatric educators.

This is why we and I recommend all parents to homeschool, my wife and I did. WOKE Austin School Holds Pride Parade, Parent Consent

Jake Nichol

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