Witcher 3 fan breaks the game in spectacular fashion to find the ‘final secret’

Geralt from The Witcher 3 travels through the Blood and Wine expansion on horseback.

image: CD Projekt Red

Almost seven years later The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Upon release, players were still unsure if they had discovered everything there was to see in the sprawling fantasy game. Recently, a CD Projekt Red developer revealed a “final secret” in the game, leading a player to time-travel the game to search for it.

YouTuber xLetalis has created hundreds of videos detailing the smallest things The witcher 3, but even he hadn’t seen everything. As early as December 2019, xLetalis made a video Detailing a lot of stuff in the blood and wine extensionincluding the eventual fate of Vivienne de Tabris, the NPC at the heart of one of the game’s most complicated side quests.

In the classic witcher Mode has been cursed by Vivienne and is now occasionally a bird monster. To save her, Geralt can spare her by transferring the curse to her lover, or break it entirely by using an Oriole egg, although in doing so her lifespan will be reduced to that of the bird, i.e. seven years.

Vivienne tells Geralt her tragic life story.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red / xLetalis / Kotaku

Choose the latter and the lady-in-waiting begins to travel the world, eventually saying that she is going to Skellige. You can only find them there by using those of the game Cheats for console commands on pc, but. In the video, xLetalis showed Vivienne sightseeing around the fortress of Kaer Trolde. But it turns out that wasn’t the actual end of their quest line.

“It’s great to see people still discovering new things years after our release witcher 3!” wrote CDPR lead quest designer Phillipp Weber in a tweet sharing the video in January 2020. “I wonder when they will find Vivienne’s last secret.”

xLetalis said a recent video that he didn’t know Weber’s tweet but were fans of him and the game. In a CDPR charity stream earlier this month for helping Ukraine (above PC gamer) lead quest designer Philipp Weber was asked about the “last secret”.

“It has to do with… blood and wine but it’s not what you think it is,” he said. “Actually, it goes a bit further.”

Days later, the YouTuber posted a video where he tried Troubleshooting what it could be. First he tried to complete the blood and wine Storyline before ending the main campaign in Skellige in hopes of triggering a new scene or dialogue. Nothing at all. Next, he attempted to complete the Crones questline while wearing one of Viviene’s feathers on Geralt’s head, in case the secret was really buried deep in the game. Again nothing.

“The only thing I haven’t tried yet is something my viewers jokingly suggested, which is to meditate in-game for seven full years to see if Vivienne dies in Kaer Trolde.” Joke or not, viewers had Law. xLetalis had already meditated on moving time forward over a hundred times during the course of his initial investigation. Only 2,400 days left. Instead, he decided to use console commands to speed up both the game and its day and night cycle. On the last day of her new life, he followed Vivienne to Kaer Trolde and she collapsed on the floor.

“It’s kind of poetic that my 7 year old Easter egg was found almost 7 years after the release of the Witcher 3,” Weber wrote. “Hats to xLetalis for their detective work on the game!”

as PC gamer points out a German language article from April 2020 had already announced that Vivienne will die after the in-game time runs out, although both xLetalis and Weber appeared unaware (neither of them immediately responded to a request for comment). This fact does not seem to have penetrated the collective consciousness of the witcher 3 Neither does subreddit. But xLetalis didn’t stop there. He had already traveled through time for seven years. Why not continue?

gif: CD Projekt Red / xLetalis / Kotaku

“There seems to be an end of time,” he said in his discovery video. “I’m not sure when exactly, probably around 10 years from now, where time will go negative and the whole world will collapse.”

After you reach this point, the game will start turning bright red. Large white spots appear all over the world.

“Is that handled by Ragnarok or Gaunter O’Dimm or is it just a technical limitation of the engine?” xLetalis asked. “I do not know.”

I suspect the latter. Still, xLetalis suggested that during this game-wrecking apocalypse, he could visit the Invisible Elder at the gateway between the vampire world and the human world to see if anything happens. Even if that was the case The witcher 3‘s “last secret”, I’m sure some fans will find it to hunt new things. Witcher 3 fan breaks the game in spectacular fashion to find the ‘final secret’

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