Witch Queen Hunters Get Void Nerfs and Busted Exotic

A Hunter of Destiny 2 stands in Savathun's Throwing World armed in a Sorceress Queen suit.

Image: Bungie

Bungie’s big Witch Queen expansion surprisingly smooth launch and so far so good. However, while the others were celebrating, Fate 2 The hunters had to go through an existential crisis as they struggled with a low score of the update. They include a Exotic niche called Blight Ranger and massive nerfs causing some players to abandon the class altogether.

For many LifeThe History of the Hunter is one of the most versatile and fun classes to play. However, as the game has veered more towards an MMO with defined combat roles, they have unpopular in many late game activities because an arsenal of weapons doesn’t always excel in big arena fights. Thanks to some big changes in Witch QueenVoid Hunters in particular are feeling it more acutely than ever, and some are threatening to abandon their posting altogether.

“Switched from Main Hunter to Warlock,” Written a player on the subreddit. Others are less dramatic but equally upset because it feels like their favorite subclass is weaker after the Void 3.0 overhaul. The changes have been absolutely fantastic for Warlocks and Titans, but the mileage has definitely changed for Hunters, confirming some of their worst fears since the patch was first introduced. at the beginning of this year.

Nightstalker, that’s Fate 2stealth ninja class, smoke bomb, stealth and move super fast. Or at least it used to be. The Keen Scout passive that created a massive boost is gone. Heart of the Pack, which gives Hunters faster weapons and better survivability when near allies is also removed, and Combat Terms, which give grenades energy recovery and faster melee, power is also reduced.

A Destiny 2 Void Hunter causes them to lose their powers.

Image: Bungie

These abilities have been effectively replaced by more invisible ways, which can be extremely useful in some situations and very boring in others. Playing the Witch Queen campaign on Legendary difficulty (it’s awesome) offers lots of opportunities to take advantage of the extended stealth to navigate hordes of unseen enemies or escape from a boss until you recover.

“I’m invisible for almost half the campaign at this point, lmao,” admission one player. However, for all its usefulness, unfortunately it forces you into a very passive playstyle as there’s nothing you can do about stealth without breaking stealth, and breaking it doesn’t give any bonus. The same reward as previous Void skills used to be.

Adding an insult to injury to some of the players who have been part of Hunters for years is the new Exotic armor for Hunters, the Blight Ranger, a helmet that allows players to use their super Arcstrider to Deals extra damage while deflecting projectiles. Players have confirmed that it has an extra ton of damage in PVP, but it remains to be seen how useful it is in PVE. It can melt down raid bosses, or it can turn out to be an extremely whimsical game that doesn’t fit most games. The results so far seemed impressive and made the Hunters satisfied overcome their bad luck.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and the Void Hunter in particular has sheltered in a particularly powerful combination: Tractor Cannon plus Style Knife. The first enemy debuffs and the second allows stealth when the debugged enemy is killed. It’s a combo that looks like it’ll be nerfed, but in the meantime, Hunters can have a lot of fun with it throughout the main campaign.

https://kotaku.com/destiny-2-witch-queen-blight-ranger-exotic-void-hunter-1848583170 Witch Queen Hunters Get Void Nerfs and Busted Exotic

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