Wisdom of Nym: where else could we get a Final Fantasy XIV raid series from the franchise?

Big time.

Let me start this particular column with an observation that really should accompany any discussion of future raid series Final Fantasy XIV: We’re far in the weeds at this point, and at a point where there’s nothing limiting developers to previous franchise references. Neither Pandæmonium nor Myths of the Realm have any connection to previous franchises at all, and we’ve already gone through most of the obviously big locations for raids. Do we all agree with that? Great.

My point here isn’t to look at locations that seem obvious or even necessarily probable, but rather to select the different areas within the existing franchise lore could lead to a raid series. Probably more of a regular raid than an alliance raid since the latter is mostly explicitly linked to other franchises, but I won’t ignore other possibilities. And there are still a few options, even though the overall list has been combed through as increasingly obvious candidates have been brought into play in some ways. But there is still some space.



That sounds silly, doesn’t it? And it is. Naturally. But where is that written? every single raid must be incredibly serious? Regardless of the stakes, it would be totally acceptable if we might have a situation involving Gilgamesh that requires our attention, especially since we already know that he seems… better able to traverse the space between worlds than is reasonable appears. Hell, he could still be down there Now.

So what makes this one particularly silly? Well, one of the recurring things about raid series named after a specific character is that you end up expecting to fight that character. Binding Spool of Bahamut? We fight Bahamut. Eden? We fight against Eden. Omega? We fight Omega twice. you have the idea But because of all the different multiversal versions of Gilgamesh, we don’t even have to fight him. Or twice. Or three times.

If the developers went this route, we could easily have a dozen raid battles every single one of them is against Gilgamesh. It could be some of them different Gilgamesh, but they are still all Gilgamesh. Only alternate versions of the always the same guy.

It’s even funnier considering we’ve already had three separate tryouts against Gilgamesh, and for someone who keeps collecting weapons it would actually go well enough. A repeating cycle of battles against three other versions of Gilgamesh, then a Gilgamesh who has looted all weapons, and then back to hunt him down. i just smile Think about it.

Sure, you can still have big bets if you like. But the idea of ​​just hunting down Gilgamesh and going on a tour of his different versions would both be fun And be lore-appropriate. Poor Gregory.


Midgardsormr/Emperor Dragon

FFXIV has mined most of the material it can from Final Fantasy VI at this point, but you can still suck out some more marrow, and this is one possible way to do that. In the original version of the game, the Imperial Dragon (or CzarDragon) was a never-implemented super boss that was apparently meant to be unlocked when you defeat all eight legendary dragons, but it was never completed. Later versions have implemented it, although the lore surrounding it has remained a bit vague.

At first glance, Emperor Dragon looks similar to Shinryu. But it’s worth considering that Shinryu is pretty close in design to Midgardsormr, and there’s a lot we still don’t really know about the one-time father of the First Brood. In other words, there’s material to be mined here…especially if we had just reconnected with the dragons that didn’t fly away like we did with Midgardsormr.

I mean, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Midgardsormr wasn’t the only one of his people to set out with his brood. And it would offer an interesting twist to see Midgardsormr face a threat from his past, something he’d long considered irrelevant. While we’ve been delving into a lot of Draconic lore lately, and I suspect the next expansion will do so again, there’s room here for the cosmic side to rear its head again – or, heck, a lingering presence being in Meracydia to take care of if that’s our next goal.

The biggest problem here – aside from the reference to an obscure side quest in FFVI – is that the dragons in question are not particularly memorable, as they are called. But that’s the sort of thing that with a little bit of lore and expansion in a raid series can be easily fixed, to be perfectly honest.

brought shade.


Then comes the optional super boss Final Fantasy X When re-released in Japan, Penance is an interesting concept because it basically has no lore. It pops up to fight players to death after they’ve defeated all of the Dark Aeons, and it features the usual “if you can beat me, you don’t really need rewards for me to drop” theme. . The vague implication is that it’s some sort of final judgment on Yuna and her party for attacking Yevon.

Well, I’m not going to lie, I originally assumed we were going to have to do something with repentance when the various Lunar Primals showed up ahead of time endwalker. Ah, it wasn’t like that; In fact, the Lunar Primals seem to have been just an illusion to let us fight these Primals again without having to explain why, for example, Ifrit suddenly became a real threat again when we bodyed him about thirty levels ago and even beat up his stronger version .

But there are many primates. Sure, it would be silly to have another raid series made up of new variants of the big six we’ve already fought since that was… well, literally the Eden series. But there are also some we haven’t seen in moon form, and space to add to the aura of menace and danger of penance along the way.

I personally think this has nice potential, especially as an implication of what we saw at the end of the story explaining how summons don’t work have Include tempering as part of its process. I’d be curious about a different approach to otherwise forgotten enemies and the potential of a random force trying to establish its own form of judgment on the WoL. Whether the WoL agrees with this judgment or not.

Of course, we could also dive into some content that was previously in Final Fantasy XI, but I think we’ll end it here and possibly come back to ideas like Promyvion in the future. For now, feel free to leave comments below or email them to eliot@massivelyop.com. Next week I want to talk about a character that we haven’t seen and hopefully never will, despite the long shadow that character casts on the entire story. You know who I’m talking about; You play this character. Except for you, as I will then speak.

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