Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV addon cheaters are undermining the game – and themselves

It is amazing to me – absolutely amazing – that I have to write this column at all. But let’s start by stepping back and examining history. Earlier this week, a team “released” the Omega Protocol. Final Fantasy XIV. I use quotation marks there because the team did this while benefiting from cheats, which meant the individuals were dragged onto social media and Naoki Yoshida penned a fairly clear and unimpressed statement denouncing their behavior.

Honestly, he shouldn’t have done that, but now I have to say a few words about it. I don’t just take offense at the people who have decided to cheat to clarify what the most challenging content is supposed to be FFXIV but with the people who chose to carry water for them and to defend those actions – the people who chose to treat cheating as an exercise in, “Well, what did you expect?”

The answer to this question is pretty simple. I expected people to do it Play by the rules.

You see, here is the lie that has been at the center of much discussion about this. Many, many people try to argue that this is a natural choice because that’s what these people wanted to be preferably! But that’s not correct. These people wanted win. No, I don’t know all the secrets that lie in their hearts, but their actual actions show it. The aim was winand if winning was facilitated by actions that were technically cheating, well, cheating was the option they would choose.

It has nothing to do with being preferably. Indeed, the two objectives are not analogous. One of my favorite chess books when I was trying to get good at chess (which, for the record, I’m not) was about how to learn to play chess to win…even if you’re not actually very good at the game was. It was about bluffing, distraction, confusing opponents, tempting mistakes and capitalizing on them. Of course, the book is written with a sense of humor.

Or, to use the popular saying, a Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

If you really want to be the best, then you want it be the best. You don’t want to find shortcuts or do things that you feel will undermine your skills, as that totally contradicts your main goal. But if you have to choose win And be the best and the former is what you choose…well, that’s your priority. Whether you like it or not, it says what it says about you.

And that’s disappointing. But then we have the people trying to claim that need these mods to play the game… and that’s, sorry, a lie. Especially when it comes to the “mods” actually discussed here.

You don’t need NoClippy to play the game. If you play with a high ping, that sucks, yes. This makes the game much more difficult to play. But the mod in question here is specifically designed to artificially remove packets of data and intentionally cheat game mechanics. You don’t need Zoomhacks to play either. You do not need any these hacks to beat this content – or any other content – as the game is tested and balanced not with these hacks.

“But other games allow addons!” Yes. they do Other games have different rules regarding acceptable play patterns. In tee-ball, you are allowed to set the baseball on a stand and bat there instead of swinging on a field, but if you attempt this in a major league baseball game, you will be called cheating. FFXIV doesn’t allow addons, and that’s the game we’re talking about, not some other MMO with different rules and goals and norms.

The point here and the point in Yoshida’s letter is not to argue whether or not these things cheat in other games, or whether or not these addons are a moral or skill failure anything of the sort in another game. You are not allowed here. The fight has been tested and is beatable without using them. You are by no means obliged to agree with this attitude, but you are Are expected to comply.

Speedrunners – participating in a fully community-based activity – have understood this for a long time. People who cheat do not keep their records, their place in the community, or any of the above. If you want to be the best, you must do so within a set of rules agreed upon by the community. There are often several different categories set up to accommodate different types of challenges and different questions about whether or not interference is allowed, but if I were to use a turbo controller on a run where turbo controllers are not allowed , I would not be considered a record holder . Point.

Don’t carry water for these people. You cheated. They knew then that it was a scam. They’ve decided that when it comes to cheating, it’s better to win than lose, and they don’t deserve the added benefit of a doubt.

That looks good.

If that was the end of the story, that would be enough. But Yoshida also pointed out in his column that I think a lot of the people who have been crying about adding ultimates in the first place should take heart, which is an even more important reason not to support people who are straight cheated to win a race. If players ask for more qualified content but insist on using things that aren’t allowed to delete it, then what’s the point of developers developing it?

And therein lies the dark heart of it all: if you value skill and challenge in MMO content, you should be mad about that. Whether it’s allowed elsewhere or whether you personally think it’s a scam or not enough are irrelevant. This was to be the toughest challenge possible, and the people who wanted to race should be the first to do it went in search of shortcuts right away.

If you want to be good at a game, hey, that’s great! That’s an understandable impulse, and I say that without mockery. But a lot of people who say they want to be good really just want to be win. They want the rush of victory, and when victory requires them to do something that bends the rules… well, hey, everyone probably does and it’s hard to even come close, isn’t it? I’m still really good, and that just reassures everyone of that fact.

Mastery is intrinsic. Victory is external. Do you want to be the best, or do you want people to celebrate that you’re the best?

More specifically, when the voices loudest proclaiming that they want the former demonstrate in word and deed that they want the latter, when the two are at odds…it’s really hard for any developer to say they’re taking the time should make it new content designed to challenge people who will try to outsmart this challenge. And if you really want that challenge, that means you should be the first to get angry at people trying to cheat past it.

blankThe Nymian civilization harbored an immense amount of knowledge and learning, but so much of it has been lost to the people of Eorzea. That doesn’t stop Eliot Lefebvre from investigating Final Fantasy XIV each week in Wisdom of Nym, hosting guides, discussions, and opinions without a trace of resentment.


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