Wild Diablo IV Bug spawns unholy amounts of bosses

Beware, Diablo IV Adventurer, for dark rumors speak of a terrible beast of great power that can spawn a nefarious number of clones and completely destroy you. It’s not a lie! I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people and not all have come back to tell the story.

Diablo IVThe launch was fairly uneventful and smooth, which is actually impressive and newsworthy in 2023. But not a game, especially a game fresh out of the oven and huge as Diablo IV, can start in perfect condition. Of course, there are some bugs and other issues in Blizzard’s latest action RPG. And perhaps funniest of all is an enemy named Darcel who can spawn dozens of himself – and often seems to do so.

In Diablo IV There’s a pretty easy, not-too-exciting side quest called “Stolen artifice” in the Scosglen region. The short side quest asks you to hunt down a big villain, kill him, take his rune spell and bring him back to someone. This is your regular video game fetch quest, which you’ve probably done variations of more times than you can remember at this point. However, there is currently a bug with Stolen Artifice that causes clones of the quest’s boss – Darcel – to spawn almost endlessly, causing problems.

Schiza / Blizzard

On Reddit And youtube, player Are Sharing clips of Darcel spawning 20 or more versions of yourself in seconds. This clones are all as powerful and deadly as the original and – like a demonic swarm of locusts – can quickly overwhelm even the most powerful players.

“I was going to kill Darcel and there were about 200 of him, okay?” a user posted on Blizzard’s official site Diablo forums. Another player jokingly posted a clip of the bug on the Diablo subredditadding that they “didn’t expect it Diablo IV [to be] so hard” and that it was “one Darcel too many for me”.

kotaku contacted Blizzard about the error.

Some players report that Darcel appears forever, causing crashes or making it impossible to complete the quest. Some were lucky enough to defeat Darcel, the Eternal Monster, by killing the original Darcel before it could spawn far too many copies of itself.

While this bug is pretty damn funny to watch, I can imagine someone playing a hardcore mode character (who only has one chance to live and vanishes forever upon death) finding this buggy quest and, as he realizes, screams late in fear that they are about to be destroyed by a clone army of Darcel. RIP to these poor souls.

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