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Kirk Cousin
Kirk Cousin

The 2021 NFL season has come and gone Minnesota Vikings and it was the second season in a row without a knockout. After a disappointing 2020 season, in which attack ranked in the top 5 in many statistics but lacked in defense, the Vikings seem to admit this in the 2021 season. They have made some difficult decisions. difficult to free up limited space to allow them to spend money on defence.

Bring in players like Dalvin Tomlinson and Xavier Woods as well as hold on to stars like Danielle Hunter and Anthony Barr. However, for the second year in a row, the defense simply wasn’t at the level we expected from Mike Zimmer’s coaching staff, which prompted Minnesota to fire him. It seems quite understandable that the defense is holding back this team but there are still people who look down on Kirk Cousins’ effort and offense and say that’s the problem. So I’m going to break down both sides of the ball to show you why the Minnesota Vikings watch this year’s playoffs at home.

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A second year of solid offensive production

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson

The story “Cousin Kirk Shouldn’t Be In Minnesota” must stop. It’s ridiculous. There were problems at first, I’ll admit it. But over the past two seasons he’s been worth the money and he’s been the exact opposite of the problem in Minnesota. Another great season saw him finish with 4221 yards, 33 touchdowns and most importantly, 7 interceptions.

Yes, the number of passing pitches could be higher and now throwing less than 35 touchdowns is considered a bit poor for a number of reasons but when you can still come up with those numbers and ball care? It’s a recipe for success. Throw in two young stars Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook and you’ll have what easily top 10. And that’s exactly what the Vikings had for the second consecutive season.

This year, Adam Thielen’s output is down a bit but that’s only because Jefferson gets more of the ball as he solidifies his WR1 role. Jefferson finished the season 4th in touchdown with 108, 2nd in yards with 1616, and was only beaten by Cooper Kupp who nearly broke the all-time record for yards in a season and came in at No. 6 in touchdown with 10.

Minnesota fans may have been worried when Stefon Diggs left Buffalo but now they don’t mind at all as those shoes have been comfortably filled, in fact, Jefferson could be arguably the standout player. sharper than Diggs. In terms of urgency, Dalvin Cook has had another solid season, but injury still haunts him when he is absent for 4 games this season. There’s no reason for Minnesota to feel the need to move in from Cook from now on but if he continues to struggle to stay on the field, they could consider the draft for a cheaper and reliable alternative. more reliable.

Cook’s injury is notable considering the team’s rushing numbers because they certainly don’t jump off the page with you but if he played all 17 they would be close to the top 5 in a hurry. . Some of that may be the factor that makes people think that the attack line is the problem but things have been completely different when considering Cook’s injury.

In terms of pass protection, they were right up there with the best lines allowing only 30 sacks all season. Their shortcoming was allowing pressure and relying on Cousins ​​to make defenders miss and get the ball out of his hand, but he was able to do this very effectively as demonstrated by he doesn’t have many rotations.

Now in terms of keeping your midfield healthy that can be a problem but when your QB is as good as his cousin when under pressure you will still succeed as a team. I’m not trying to say they shouldn’t be working on the line this season, I just think there are more important issues at hand. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the defence.

Poor defense cost the Minnesota Vikings their season

Defense of Minnesota Vikings
Defense of Minnesota Vikings

Look Vikings fans, you won’t like this. After an infrequently lousy 2020 season for Zimmer’s defence, the Vikings took the initiative in injury time to make what appeared to be the right moves. They brought in 3 corners to help the sub, Dalvin Tomlinson deal with game problems and kept Danielle Hunter and Anthony Barr on to have solid players when they really needed it. Despite all of this, the Vikings’ defense in 2021 is actually worse than 2020. They’re far behind the third most yards total, the sixth most average yards per game, and are in the middle of the table in terms of turns.

Bringing in Dalvin Tomlinson to help a sloppy defense in 2020 was completely useless as he had only 39 tackles total and 2 tackles conceded. That’s right, in a season where a defensive star started 16 games, he just managed to get in the back yard and make a tackle twice. Unbelievably pitiful. This resulted in the Vikings giving up the 3rd most yards per javelin at 4.7 and the 7th most javelin total.

Those numbers could have been much worse if teams had decided to run more against them but chose to go in the air instead. In the passing game, the defense gave away the 5th most yards total, the 10th most nets gained per pass attempt, and the 4th most first goals scored when making passes. The increased pass count increased their peak passes, recording the 2nd highest number of sacks in the league with 51 but like I said the teams threw more at them so they had to get more bags.

Honestly against this defense it doesn’t matter which way you decide to go, any form of attack your offense can do better will work against the defense this. All this means Zimmer has to go. It’s simply too bad for someone who is supposed to be a defensive-minded coach.

So, looking back at the Minnesota Vikings in 2021, that’s clear to see. This team was clearly held back by their defence. To be clear, I’m not trying to say that their offense is perfect because that’s not the reason but it’s not the reason they lost the game.

Get off Kirk Cousins’ back. There were big problems with the Vikings and it all started with cleaning up the defence. The plus side is that it seems Minnesota knows this is the problem even though some people still complain about the offense.

They must prioritize the right decisions in free agency and draft. While on paper they did this well last season, it didn’t work out for them. With a new coach and new plans, maybe they still have hope, but it would be bold not to take the opportunity and risk entering the 2022 season with a similar defense in terms of personnel.

This offense is very clearly ready to win and while there are some gaps they will probably fill but, if they don’t get their defense ready for this season, it will be a another year without a knockout and another 1 year wasted on the abilities of their talented midfielders.

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