Why Joe? As gas hits $5 A Gallon, Biden still refuses to increase oil production

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Across the country this past week, people in the Americas are asking why their government is deliberately causing gas prices to skyrocket. Some believe the White House is working with globalists, as part of the United Nations’ Great and Sustainable Reconstruction Project, to bring the world to zero emissions by 2050 or soon. than.

They are referencing the following group websites:

Energy.Gov are promoting the goal; How we move to Net-Zero in 2050

The UN also working towards 2050 – For a livable environment: Zero net commitments must be backed by credible action.

Starting from his day in office, President Joe Biden began targeting people associated with the oil and gas industry. The White House has blocked the expansion of oil and gas companies and canceled projects under construction.

For example, the Biden administration stopped the Keystone XL pipeline project, stopped issuing drilling permits on federal land, and suspended drilling rentals at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Along with globalists, the White House on Sunday rejected the argument that it should increase domestic oil production, which would help lower gas prices, as oil prices surge to record highs.

Even with the price of crude oil fly up $130.50 a barrel on Sunday night, the radical green deal regulator did not budge an inch.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki published a series of arguments on social media, arguing against a focus on boosting oil production in the United States.

“It is a reminder that real energy security comes from reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.Psaki wrote, noting that Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine is sending oil prices soaring.

Psaki has opposed Republican calls to increase domestic oil production.

She thinks domestic oil production has increased in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic but the United States remains vulnerable to global oil markets.

“[D]Omestic production has not isolated us from the price fluctuations of fossil fuels or the whims of those who control them, such as President Putin.,” she speaks. “Americans know it. ”

The administration of President Joe Biden is seeking a diplomatic shift with oil-producing countries including Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran, as Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine has disrupted oil markets.

But Psaki thinks the only way to really not suffer from high gas prices is to stop using oil.

The only way to protect America in the long run is to become energy independentShe wrote, pointing to Biden’s efforts to subsidize wind and solar energy.

During his State of the Union speech, Biden admit that gas prices are rising, but offer subsidies for electric cars as a solution.

He called on Congress to help him “Electric car discounts, save you an extra $80 a month because you’ll never have to pay at a gas pump again. ”

Biden also said he would continue to release oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, though it would have little effect on slowing supply problems.

“I know the news of what is happening seems alarming, “I said. “But I want you to know that we’ll be fine. ”

President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said those upset with near-record gas prices should buy an electric vehicle, during his White House address on infrastructure July 3. 2022.

Well, we have Marxists with political power ruling without the consent of those in power, much to the chagrin of their constituents.

Since the AOC’s far-left crowd has so much influence over Joe, and they may care less about hard-working families across America, we can expect another 3 tough years on the other side. prior to.

https://smartzune.com/why-joe-as-gas-hits-5-a-gallon-biden-still-refuses-to-increase-oil-production/ Why Joe? As gas hits $5 A Gallon, Biden still refuses to increase oil production

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