Why boxer Blair Cobbs finally exploded

Blair Cobbs entered a boxing competition with Alexis Rocha with bravery and fury, but was defeated for a reason. Here’s why.

Before the competition on March 19, boxer Blair Cobbs had slurs for Michael McKinson, but reality hit Cobbs in the form of hits from Alexis Rocha, leading to a TKO loss in the 9th round.

Cobbs (15-1-1, 10 KOs) yes Boxing talented, but it never matched the hype that came from his lips. He was interesting and athletic but could never live up to his self-proclaimed hype.

Cobbs has physical aptitude and stamina. He possesses an active personality and is a character. He’s a person who specializes in selling himself and selling tickets, which is something not every boxer can do.

However, personality and pizza music are no substitute for boxing skills.

Days before the showdown with Rocha, Cobbs released a social media video showing his Blair character ‘The Flair’ taking on Ric Flair’s wrestling character. The problem with alter egos is that they sometimes take over a person’s identity.

Flair is a sad, broken 73-year-old man who is in his fifth divorce because he has allowed the cane in his hand to take over his life.

Cobbs is only 32 years old and nowhere near that time, and hopefully he doesn’t admire Flair too much.

In his previous fight social media posts, Cobbs evaluated fellow welterweight Michael McKinson after his previously scheduled opponent Virgil Ortiz withdrew from their match due to injury. McKinson needed a new competitor, and Cobbs was trying to get some attention.

“Get the job done, honey, because I will do my best,” Cobbs said.

Trying hard to get a higher fight, but maybe he’s trying to avoid his current opponent, Rocha.

McKinson doesn’t bite, but Rocha vs. Cobbs became the main event. Cobbs was noticed but his performance fell short.

Before the war, Cobbs was the image of confidence.

“Does Blair the Flair look like he’s lying… I don’t think so,” Cobbs said of Rocha during a pre-fight press conference. “I really wanted that fight in November, but we couldn’t make it happen.”

Rocha ran past Cobbs for most of their nine laps together. He dropped Cobbs on round 8 from a top right lane and finished him off with a tumble on round 9, resulting in a TKO win for Rocha.

All Cobbs barks could not save him from being destroyed by Rocha.

In defeat, Cobbs was mostly humble.

Blair Cobbs can’t back up his talk after being stopped by Alexis Rocha in round 9

“I was impressed by the way he came out,” Cobbs said in the post-match interview. “He got me with some pretty good shots. He helped me in the later rounds very well, so please call on him and his team. ”

However, ‘The Flair’ still appeared.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up and I promise Blair ‘The Flair’ will be back, honey. Rub! ” shouted Cobbs to the Galen Center audience.

Cobbs will probably return to the ring, as he should, but he will likely never be the world boxing champion, and that’s okay.

Not every gladiator can become a champion. It was a rare achievement that only the most talented warriors could achieve.

Cobbs speaks as if he believes he’s an A+ fighter when he’s more of a B-. Maybe it was part of his actions.

But if he allows his ego to transcend his normalcy, he is only confining himself.

In fact, the true story behind Cobbs is much more compelling than the pompous joker he plays on TV.

Cobb’s Golden Boy Biography reads like a cinematic tragedy. Sadly, he lost his mother at the age of 11 and later his grandmother, who became his guardian.

According to the Golden Boy’s website, his troubled father gained custody of Cobbs and ran with him to Guadalajara, Mexico, on the run. That’s where he entered a boxing gym for the first time.

If Cobbs hasn’t sold the film rights to his life story, he needs to do so immediately.

Cobbs started boxing relatively late and lacked a substantial amateur career and early guidance. Like most of his life’s journey, Cobbs was alone.

Considering that, it’s remarkable that Cobbs has come this far as a boxer. He should be commended for his success.

However, he took his boxing career to the limit, and his performance against Rocha proved it.

Cobbs’ antics outside the ring raised his profile and helped put him in his place, but they also made him a clown caricature.

Perhaps one day Cobbs can use his facade in wrestling. Sports entertainment is the area where he can ‘win’ a world title.

But it won’t happen in boxing. Cobbs was too old to learn the new tricks he needed to grow as a boxer.

Instead of his loud, attention-grabbing displays, Cobbs might be surprised by how many people are drawn to the real Cobbs. He has overcome great obstacles in life with an inner resilience that few people have.

That’s what the hero is made of, but he’s playing side-games. He should give up acting and accept being the humble and self-reflective person he flashed in his post-match interview.

It’s hard to root for a villain throwing insults, but it’s easy to entice someone to beat life’s ability to work against them.

In short, Cobbs should stop trying to be Ric Flair and show it to the world, Blair. He seemed like the kind of person that people naturally fell in love with and twice the man Flair was.

He is in there. Maybe loss will help recommend him. Why boxer Blair Cobbs finally exploded

John Verrall

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