Why Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook Is More Evil Than Stardew’s Mayor Lewis

If you ask people about their comfort games, you’ll hear two mentions quite often: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley. I downloaded it Stardew Valley on my old MacBook Pro in 2020 and I jumped in New horizons bandwagon in 2021. Both are considered low-stress games and both fictional towns have much in common. This includes their own leaders: in New Horizonss, capitalist lord Tom Nook ensures your island getaway has connections Stardew Valley, Mayor Lewis of Pelican Town runs the program. These similarities led me to a hypothetical glove throw; my mind turned to criticism of these two men/animals (vertebrates?). Both caused outrage from fans, so I decided to determine who was the most ruthless.

Of course, this question is subjective. What is cruelty, in a farming or lifestyle game, and which kind of cruelty is “worse” than another? I associate it with a lack of empathy for others: A person using their resources to achieve an end goal, by whatever means necessary. Even if it means giving up responsibility and people Candlestick important to them. I also like to think that there are tactics for achieving true ruthlessness. Are they being smart, or simply lazy? Let’s dive in.

First Words, Tom Nook

A villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons sits on Tom Nook's construction bench, inside the Island Services building

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via Skye McEowen

Nook Inc. This tanuki businessman’s is a one-stop shop for all your needs. But consider his company the only place you can get most items – and it includes an online service in New horizons to order – it’s a bit reminiscent of Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Are Nook employees, Timmy and Tommy, paid a living wage? Benefits? Can they merge? Aside from potential labor violations, no other business other than Able Sisters and occasional suppliers seems to offer any competition to Nook’s empire. How far did Tom Nook go to make sure he’s the only one standing?

In addition to shopping, Tom Nook has a barrier to building and property on the island, and you are in constant debt to him. This starts at the beginning of the game, when you learn that even your own island getaway needs to be returned. While the game is comfortable and it is played at your own pace, you can’t really “progress” until you start building infrastructure and houses, which requires a loan. a big amount of money. Sure, he doesn’t seem to charge interest and has no due date before your cute Animal Crossing credit score is destroyed, but Nook’s tactics often make the game feel like a College Debt Simulator with The added bonus is healthy animal campers.

To Mayor Lewis

Screenshot of Mayor Lewis of Stardew Valley talking about running uncontrollably for years.

Image: ConcernedApe via Skye McEowen

Stardew ValleyMayor Lewis is not a ray of sunshine, himself. During my hundreds of hours of play – which included constantly Google searching for gifts that Harvey liked – I was met with enormous criticism of the mayor of Pelican Town. Lewis doesn’t make you pay the loans, but he’s a leader with unparalleled strength. You can play for decades in the game and never once witnessed a mayoral election. I can’t fully comment on the intricacies of Pelican Town politics, but it looks pretty interesting. And will he do good with his powers? Well, when you get to Pelican Town, it looks like things have gotten messy. The bus broke down for an indeterminate amount of time, leaving Pam without a job; The community center is a ruin; and not even an established school. Penny uses her time to teach the kids in town.

Nor can I ever forgive Mayor Lewis for the way he treated Marnie. She is a supplier of hay and animals to farmers, and we built a good relationship with her over time. She takes in Shane, her struggling nephew, and she takes care of Jas. The game clearly establishes Marnie and Lewis’ relationship as something of a romantic, but he ties her down, insisting on keeping everything a secret.

Players, in Stardew Valley, look at the golden statue of Mayor Lewis

Image: ConcernedApe via Skye McEowen

In the end, Major Lewis left to revive the town and help the people become the new farmer. Sure, he organizes town events. But we controlled listening to the residents, and even ended up working with Robin to build some of them better homes. This is odd, though, since Lewis has the resources to make a literal gold statue of himself that you find from a Secret Notebook. We also put the old Community Center into operation, helping to repair other parts of Pelican Town. What does he really have to offer? Crazy if we throw his purple shorts in Luau’s underwear?

Now the question remains: Who is more ruthless?

Both Mayor Lewis and Tom Nook have unquestionable leadership – Machiavellian, even – over their respective fields. For Tom Nook, it’s clearly about the money. I mean, we have really know if a basic bridge and construction cost nearly 100,000 bells? That said, he acts. He uses these loans to turn the island into a thriving community, and even has the famous KK Slider perform there. Mayor Lewis barely cares about Pelican Town’s infrastructure and ties Marnie down, making him seem less efficient and messy than smart. Of course, the lack of fair elections is alarming – again, with a town of 30 inhabitants, it is unclear who will turn against him. He seems to mainly use his powers to garden and organize events in town.

All told, I have to give the award to Tom Nook, our beloved loan shark, who could easily become a formidable villain if he really wanted to. He has the charisma, lack of emotional connection and tactical skill for me to declare him the most ruthless. All of this aside, I don’t hate Tom Nook. I love this lovable character – and I still owe him the bells to upgrade my house, and I don’t want him to suddenly charge me interest.

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