Who Was the First Muppets Celebrity Cameo?

Who was the first celebrity to perform with the Muppets? After all, the Muppets have a long history of starring alongside some of the biggest names across all genres of entertainment: film, television, Broadway, music, dance and more. Most celebrity appearances associate it with it The Muppet Show (1976-1981), the truth is that working with the Muppets continues to draw stars of stage and screen. But who was first? If you had said Julia Prowse you are painfully close Prowse was the first celebrity to perform The Muppet Show. If you had said Mia Farrow, congratulations (you win absolutely nothing, but you still have to feel pretty good)! Yes, Ms. Farrow does have that honor, and a good two years before Ms. Prowse.


The Muppets Valentine Show is the first

Mia Farrow on The Muppet Valentine Show in 1974.

Mia Farrow appeared on The Muppet Valentine Showwhich aired January 30, 1974, the first of two pilots for what would eventually become The Muppet Show. The episode begins with the camera catching the main cast inside a house getting ready for the show. In the foreground is Wally (Jim Henson), the show’s writer/host, who enters the script as the show progresses. He announces that the show is about love and asks what can be said about it. A response from a purple, long-nosed, bird-like lady joins the cast singing “Love is a Simple Thing,” with Farrow joining in the middle and the song featuring Crazy Donald (who would later be called “Crazy Harry”). is voiced by John Lovelady). Wally continues to ask the cast about love, leading to the series’ second musical number, Kermit the Frog’s (Jim Henson) “Froggy Went A Courtin’.” The show then skips to Farrow’s proper entrance through the side door (Farrow is pregnant with son Fletcher Previn at the time) where she was with Mildred (Richard Hunt), the purple bird lady before she meets Thog (Jerry Nelson), a giant blue monster to sing “Real Live Girl”. Farrow then spends time with Rufus the dog before the two sing “Believe me when all those lovely young magicians.” Wally returns, now pondering love on other planets. The show then switches back to Kermit and reports from the planet Koozbane about her courtship ritual (the piece would reappear in episode 7 of The Muppet Show). The show ends with the closing number “I’ve Got Love” performed by Farrow and the rest of the cast.

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What elements of the pilots remained in “The Muppet Show”

Kermit the Frog

The Muppet Valentine Show contributed some elements that would form the structure of The Muppet Show Consequences. Most obviously, of course, is the introduction of a celebrity hostess in Mia Farrow. Musical numbers proved to be an important component going forward, as did the concept of a host Muppet (one-on-one with Wally). A few characters graduated from the pilot, most notably Kermit (who would become the host), Crazy Donald Harry and George the Caretaker (frank oz). However, the show was considered far too saccharine, almost obnoxious, and lacked the humor that would mark its relatives. the second pilot, The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, went too far the other way, utilizing the Muppet’s maniacal humor and energy but lacking any sentimentality. The two extremes would end up being a blessing in disguise, allowing Henson to select the elements that worked in both and bring them together The Muppet Showan almost perfect blend of humor and warmth.

The stars shine in ‘The Muppet Show’… Finally


Despite Farrow’s willingness to go all out, attracting stars for the first season of to appear alongside the Muppets proved difficult The Muppet Show. Producers resorted to asking industry friends for favors, practically begging them to appear on the show. That all changed in season 2. The show was a hit, for starters, which certainly helped, but then esteemed ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev appeared on the show. His appearance is considered the most important door opener for booking future guests. At the time, Nureyev was well known in the industry, and when someone his size appeared on the show, all wanted to be on the show, and most in their prime no less. It wasn’t just him appearing on the show, it was him sought to be there, even though he knew he was playing second fiddle to puppets. The show allowed him to showcase his talent and sense of humor and provide an insight into the man behind the celebrity.

The Muppets still make the stars shine

Mark Hamill - The Muppet Show

The scope and talent that would show to have fun The Muppet Show borders on unbelievable. Rock looks like blonde And Alice CooperCountry music legends like Loretta Lynn And Kenny Rogersand like screen talents Sylvester Stallone, Steve Martin and a home run with the look of Markus Hamill alongside a pair of familiar droids. After the show ended in 1981, the Muppets film series continued to attract big names in cameo roles: Madeleine Kahn In The Muppet Movie, Michael Cain In The Muppet Christmas Caroland recently Dave Grohl in the reboot movie The Muppets And Tina Fey In Most Wanted Muppets. There have been attempts to bring the Muppets back to television over the years, including 1996–98 Muppet tonightAnd The Muppets, which ran from 2015-16. None of these efforts have matched the longevity and popularity of The Muppet Showbut they all still brought out A-list talent like Danny Trejo, Garth Brooks, Liam HemsworthAnd Imagine dragons. Even the notoriously withdrawn prince (during his “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” phase) guest-starred, poked fun at his icon name, and burst into “Raspberry Sorbet” (listen to it once, and you’ll never hear “Raspberry Beret” the same way again). ).

An appearance with the Muppets was and is like a rite of passage for every celebrity. Though things have been relatively quiet on the Muppet front lately, with the occasional Muppet making an appearance here and there (Kermit actually appeared at the March 2021 season five premiere of The Masked Singer like the snail), but there is a new series, The Muppets Mayhem, which is set to premiere sometime in 2023, and the possibility of another Muppet Project also coming to the streaming service this year. And you can guarantee the celebs will come out to play.

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