Who needs the Sportsbook to win NFL Week 18?

On the last NFL Sunday of the regular season, who are the bettors most targeting? What about how strong bettors compare to the divided public? And which book has the highest amount of liability?

Let’s take a look at the latest episodes with All odds and updates are supported by WynnBET Sportsbook:

  1. Green Bay Packers (-3) at the Detroit Lions
  2. Washington football team (-6.5) at the New York Giants
  3. Carolina Panthers Cash Flow (+320) compared to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Detroit Lions | TOTAL: 44.5 – The person who starts packing will play

The Packers, despite having nothing to play in Week 18, became the most responsible game of the week for WynnBET with reports that starters would play. Green Bay has locked the No. 1 seed in the NFC tournament, the best record in football, and will say goodbye to the Wild Card round next week.

However, plenty of bets are favoring the Pack on the road versus the Lions, who despite only two wins this season, this year are 10-6 by the odds. Green Bay gets a whopping 78.4% of the bet, but only 64.4% of the bet.

The total has only increased slightly since opening number 44, up half a point to 44.5.

Green Bay is the favorite of the -160 money line, getting 81.1% of the money line bet but only 65.7% of the handle. Lions, get +130 on cash flow.

Washington football team (-6.5) at the New York Giants | TOTAL: 38

The second most responsible game of the day for WynnBET is with the Washington Soccer Team to pick up 6.5 points on the road ahead of Jake Fromm and the New York Giants.

The team has received 80.2% of betting tickets to date, with 89.4% of the money backing Washington to cover the road.

The total, which started at 39, dropped the entire point near the launch at 38, with 80% of the money backing UNDER with 59.5% of the tickets going in the same direction.

Washington as a cash-flow fan is also a popular bet these days, especially in teasers. 81.3% of the bets favor the Football Team (-310) to win immediately, with 92.8% of the bets also agreeing.

Carolina Panthers Cash Flow (+320) against Tampa Bay Buccaneers | TOTAL: 42

Last on the list is the Carolina Panthers, who, despite being nine points off the road to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are the third most responsible team for the sportsbook today. This is a bit surprising given the Bucs needed a win to try to move up the NFC leaderboard.

The odds indicate that this is very much a “Pros vs Joe” type game. 91% of the bets favor Tampa Bay on the money line at -410 odds, while 61.5% of the bets go to Carolina.

With Dallas’ win yesterday, the Bucs will need both a win over the Panthers along with a home loss to the LA Rams to the San Francisco 49ers to move up to 2nd, so Tampa Bay has plenty to play for this afternoon. in the late window match. The Rams and 49ers play at the same time during the 4:25 p.m. ET window.

  1. Tennessee Titans (-10.5) in Houston Texas
  2. Indianapolis Colts (-15) at Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Green Bay Packers (-3) at the Detroit Lions

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