Who is Kamran, the MCU’s newest super-powered kid?

Five episodes in its six-part season, Mrs Miracle Viewers are intimately familiar with Kamran, son of the ruthless Najma, a visitor from another dimension stranded in our own. And with this week’s episode, the Disney Plus series has taken the troubled kid a step closer to his comic book origins.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel through episode 5, “Time and Again.”]

In the Captain Marvel cosplay, Ms. Marvel extends her hand covered in glowing light.

Image: Marvel Studios

Given how much Mrs Miracle‘s version of Kamala Khan’s origin story differs from the comics, one might assume that Kamran is an original character in the series. But he does have a comic counterpart: Kamran (no last name either), a recurring jerk who bugs Kamala for a couple of storylines in her first comic series.

Kamran first appeared as a friend of the Khan family, whose people had just returned to Jersey City from Texas. Kamala last saw him when they were 5 years old, and in that time he had grown into a suave, smartly dressed cutie – who had inhuman superpowers just like her! A romance blossomed between them, but like about 70% of all potential superhero love interests, Kamran turned out to be a villain after all.

Ms. Marvel leaps over Kamran - his skin glowing brightly with his inhuman power - and says,

Image: G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa/Marvel Comics

What he really wanted from Kamala was to get her to work for a local crime family who had recently discovered their own inhuman powers. When Kamala proved too difficult to capture or convert, Kamran went after her brother Aamir and attempted to activate his latent Inhuman genes. Kamran’s efforts only gave Aamir superpowers temporarily – and Aamir wasn’t too keen on joining a superpowered gang either.

What are Kamran’s powers in the comics?

Rish Shah as Kamran in Ms. Marvel. He holds his fist in front of his face as it glows.

Image: Marvel Studios

If this week’s episode of Mrs Miracle Doesn’t get Kamran to get his own super powers, then it’s a ruse from hell. In a final gesture of love for her rejected son, Najma gives her life to close the rift in the veil, and the act seems to have drawn some kind of Noor energy in Kamran’s direction. After it slams into him, he raises a fist covered in what appears to be a variant of Kamala’s hard light power, only in a more masculine color — sort of what Kamran’s powers looked like in the comic.


Image: G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa/Marvel Comics

In the comics, Kamran could overload objects with a biokinetic charge that would cause them to explode – much like Gambit from the X-Men. But based on the final moments of “Time and Again,” it looks like Kamran has pretty much the same abilities as Kamala, like firing a bolt of harsh light at a Damage Control drone and accidentally throwing the Circle Q in the air hunts.

What’s next for Kamran? We have to wait Mrs MiracleSeason finale on July 13.

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