Where to find Horizon Forbidden West’s best weapons and gear

Aloy fires a horrible bolt machine at a manicurist in Horizon Forbidden West on PS5.

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Survive in Forbidden Horizon in the West, an open world game about what happens when Elon Musk funds too many projects, dependent only in part on skill. But if you want to thrive in the robo-dino apocalypse, you’ll need to arm yourself with the best gear around.

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Internal equipment Forbidden Horizon in the Westavailable on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, mostly in two categories: costumeor armor that gives you lots of defensive stats and attack perks, and weapon, mainly includes many different types of bows and arrows. Of course, what’s considered “best” depends on preference, playstyle, and preferred build, but there are certain weapons and outfits that aren’t situational and are great on widespread. Here they are.

Elite Canister Ropecaster

Where to find it: Complete the side quest “Souvenirs” in Legacy’s Landfall

Standard ropecasters, which allows you to temporarily tie the machine in place, useful for managing a crowded battlefield. So you’ll want to get a canister ropecaster. These rare weapons allow you to attach elemental boxes to machines. Shooting a box with an arrow of a corresponding element from another bow will then detonate it, dealing massive damage. The strongest (at least I’ve found) is elite cannercan fire cartridges containing three types of elements — acid, frost, or plasma — and deal 100 more damage than a basic level cartridge shooter.

Cleaving Sharpshot Bow

Where to find it: You automatically get it in the story quest “Broken Sky”

In Forbidden Horizon in the West, bow and arrow Basically a sniper rifle: a slow-firing, long-range, high-damage weapon, armed with painful little vibrating rods. But when cut bow shooting fully upgraded, it has 65 percent faster draw rate, you can amplify even more by equipping noisy—Segments amplify weapon stats by up to 25 percent — meant to increase draw speed. The result is a sharp photographic bow twice as powerful as the standard hunter bow But shooting arrows is also quick.

About how fast the firestorm warrior’s bow can ignite a machine.
GIF: Sony / Kotaku

Firestorm Warrior Bow

Where to find it: Complete three quests related to the side quest chain that begins with “Hunting to Hunt”

Warrior Bow They don’t deal much damage but have an incredibly fast fire rate, making them effective for activating elemental status effects on enemies (and for hitting boxes boxed by ropecasters). In my mind, fire storm warrior bow is the best warrior bow. For one, it has three different elemental types—acid, fire, and shock—which, apparently, is one of the most common weaknesses for Forbidden Horizon in the Westof the enemy. For another, by upgrading it you can open three coil slots, allowing you to power up all of its ammo without skipping. And, finally, its name. “Fire storm?” “Warrior?” So great.

Icestorm Boltblaster

Where to find it: Buy it from the hunter supplier in Thornmarsh (it costs 1,437 pieces, an extra circulator and a large machine core)

Once you get wrapped up in the fact that bolter—Small arrow towers — even exist in the beginning, take you to Thornmarsh and buy icestorm boltblaster. Most bolt-action machines have at least one type of arrow that is wasted when dealing “standard” damage. The icestorm boltblaster, on the other hand, is all elemental, able to fire icy, plasma, and shock arrows. It starts with a perk that increases your damage while you’re inside concentration (basically, Forbidden Horizon in the Westof the slow-motion targeting version). And if you upgrade it, you will deal 15% more damage when you draw all your weapons.

A rescue contract symbol sits in the center of a forest in the vast map of Horizon Forbidden West.

That green icon in the middle of the map indicates an NPC that will give you a Rescue Contract.
Screenshots: Sony / Kotaku

Oseram Artifier Outfit

Where to find it: By completing every mission of the Rescue Contract

You will spend most of the game assembling Oseram artifier costume. After you leave town Barren lightyou will meet Larend, an Oseram armorer who is competing with his peers to create “the best armor in the West.” But, see, Larend and his colleagues need supplies, which you can get from Rescue Contracts, hunting-focused quests staged around Forbidden Horizon in the Westvast map. As you complete them one by one (they range from level 8 to level 30) you’ll have the melee-focused Oseram fortification outfit. In addition to some serious defensive benefits, it also comes with perks designed to enhance resonator explosionpowerful explosions you can detonate with your spear if you have invested in Western Forbidden‘S Warrior skill tree.

Nora Thunder Warrior Outfit

Where to find it: Buy it from the prize holder, just outside the entrance of the arena in Maw of the Arena (it costs 54 arena medals)

When you open the arena, earning enough arena medals to own the Nora thunder warrior outfit will be your first order of business. I’m not sure if it’s the best skin in the game, but it’s definitely the most versatile. Not only does it minimize your damage from melee and ranged attacks, it’s also hard against four of Western Forbiddenof the six elements (fire, shock, bleach and plasma). On top of that, however, it’s imbued with four perks that enhance your focus gauge, allowing you to spend more time aiming your weapon in slow motion. And you can level up to deal more damage while in stealth or when using heavy weapons. Hmmm, actually, I’ll withdraw. Nora Thunder Warrior Costume To be The best dress in the game.

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