What Jimmy Garoppolo’s Injury Means for the 49ers Playoff Odds

The San Francisco 49ers are at the height of their playoffs in the NFC, but they are facing a serious injury for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Garoppolo is dealing with a 3rd degree sprain of the ulnar protective ligament in his thumb. However, that still doesn’t rule him out completely against Houston Texans in Week 17.

San Francisco is in control of its own destiny as it enters the final two weeks of the regular season, as wins over the Houston Texans and Los Angeles Rams will send the 49ers into the knockout stages.

Our own Donnavan Smoot broke the way they were able to win the landing in Week 17 with a little help from the Carolina Panthers.

“For San Francisco to win a spot, it will need a win and a loss or draw by the Saints. If the Niners happened to draw, they would need a loss or draw from the Saints, Vikings, and Falcons. “

While the Texans played spoiler last week and upset the Los Angeles Chargers, WynnBET Sportsbook still has 49ers as big favorites 12.5 points and -700 on the payline to win.

However, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, and rookie quarterback Trey Lance could still be included in the start of Week 17 if Garoppolo fails to play.

Essentially, Jimmy G’s injury poses some uncertainty with the 49ers in these next two competitions. Is that enough for Philadelphia Eagles or New Orleans Saints to lock two of the final positions? Or, can the Atlanta Falcons or Minnesota Vikings find their way if the 49ers stumble?

Garoppolo’s injury cast some doubt on the team’s prospects, but with Super Bowl odds at WynnBET (+3500), It looks like the 49ers will be able to participate in the post-season this year.

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