What is the upper and lower bets? Parameters you need to know when catching a bet

For those who are new to betting, football betting must still have a few unfamiliar terms. In particular, what is the upper and lower rafter is understood by many people. In the article below, we share with you some relevant information to help you better understand these two types of rafters as well as how to catch them effectively.

How is the upper and lower bets understood?

Football betting is the most popular form of betting today. This shows that the attraction from the ball on the field has never cooled down. People who participate in online football betting need to learn and cultivate a lot of experience to become a professional player. One of the things they need to keep in mind is remembering and understanding all the terms involved.

The term that often appears in football betting is the upper and lower rafters. You can simply understand this term to mean the handicap for two teams playing on the actual field. If you’re looking to bet with
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The above bets are applied to teams that are in good form, stronger, possess many good players, are famous in the field of football… In short, they always prevail over their opponents in many aspects. . In the odds, that team will be the house to bet on, red.

Underhand is applied to teams with poor performance, weaker, few good players, little known, not outstanding. Usually, the teams in the lower handicap are the teams under the handicap. They are the team below in the house rate, with blue, black, gray symbols…

Some handicap rates when catching the underdog on the upper hand

After you have a clear understanding of what the upper and lower rafters are, you need to pay attention to which team is on the lower and upper rafters. The selection of the rafters is quite important, but choosing the handicap when catching the bet needs to be given the most important attention. In football betting, you need to pay attention to some of the following handicaps:

Accept half fruit

This is the ratio chosen by most football bettors for the form of catching under the upper rafters. This form is not too difficult to understand. Those who bet on the above bet will accept the team under half the goal.

In case the final result of the match is a draw, the loser of the bet is the one who placed the bet on. Because when they handicap half the ball, it means that the underdog team gets an extra half point. Of course, when the score is tied, their score will take the lead.

Accept 1/4 fruit

Similar to the half-ball handicap, the upper team will be the lower handicap team. At this rate, the only difference from the half is that when the match is even, the bottom team wins half of the bet. They are not allowed to eat the whole bet as the left hand handicap.

Accept 3/4 fruit

This form of betting is also relatively common, popular in football betting. The team that is above will accept the team that is under the bet 0.75. When placing a bet on the above team, you want to eat the entire bet to ensure that the team has to win by 2 goals or more.

If the upper team leads only by 1 goal, the lower team loses half of the amount. Or the match result ends in a draw, the person who loses money on this bet is the one who bet on the top.

Accept one result

For this form, the person placing the upper hand is required to win 2 or more balls to eat the entire bet. If the match results only draw or win 1 result, obviously the victory belongs to the underdog team.

Should bet on under or over team?

Based on the shared experience from many longtime experts in the field of online betting, they often recommend choosing the underdog team. Because after the handicap is determined, those who choose the bottom team have a higher probability of winning than the upper hand.

Football matches, on the other hand, are series of surprises one after another. The teams that are initially judged to be strong are unlikely to win the final result. That is why it is said that those who bet on the bottom door have a higher chance of winning. However, anything is possible.

You cannot know in advance whether your prediction is correct or not. You need to evaluate the performance, play style, players … of the two teams to make the most informed final choice for you. If you want to bet safely and easily win, you also need to choose a quality and reputable bookmaker. Here are some suggestions for evaluating the bookie, you can refer to and apply to choose the correct one:

  • The ability to access slow or fast.
  • What is the number of participants that the house has, and how does it recover from the previous players?
  • Is the deposit and withdrawal time when betting at that bookie works guaranteed?
  • The house interface must have eye-catching, user-friendly and pleasant colors. The content is arranged with a clear orientation and layout.
  • Customer information is well protected, not disclosed or sold to third parties.

Tell you how to bet in online football most effectively.

Before participating in betting, football betting is very necessary. However, not everyone has the ability to make accurate bets. Longtime players sometimes predict the wrong bet because the calculation is not close together. If you are a newcomer to the field of online football betting, you should definitely not ignore the following highly effective betting tips:

Check when the house makes a bet

This is the first important way of betting that anyone new to the game must understand. Find out for yourself the information directly related to the upcoming match. You can access reputable football betting sites and sites about 4-5 hours. This is the time when the bookies usually give the most accurate information about the match.

Betting on Asia and Europe

Before the close game takes place, you should follow the odds table shared by the major bookmakers. If you see that the European odds are on a downward trend, the Asian bets are slightly lower, the percentage of the home team winning in that match will be very high. However, in the European odds table, you need to pay attention directly to the blink.

The masters and veterans in the betting market often call this the example. The best bet is considered the higher the win rate. However, this odds that flash at the end of the match, you need to be very careful because the risk of you losing everything in this case is very high. When participating in betting, players often have the mentality of leaving the odds that are constantly being lowered.

Understanding this, the house often lures them into the roads where there is only loss. More than 50% of participants lost all bets by the house. In addition, there are a few cases where players rush to bet money on the lower door when clicking the lower bet. If that match has a down rate, the risk of you losing the bet will be very high.

Look at the odds table

Phân tích kỹ đội bóng trước khi đặt kèo

Checking through matches is an effective way of betting that is applied by many people. If in a match, the two teams play fairly, with little difference in form and strength, then bets will be safer. When the bookie does not interfere in the betting, you should directly rely on the performance as well as the playing force of the two teams to evaluate.

The next thing to pay attention to is the odds. If the bottom team is the home team handicapping the away team at the top, you need to care about the number of handicaps. The odds range from 0 to – 0.25, you should bet on the away team to increase your winning odds. For bets -0.25 to -0.5, you need to analyze the fluctuation of the odds as well as the match situation before making the final selection decision.

In betting, European odds are much more unpredictable than Asian odds. Because in Asian odds, the rafters are quite diverse and attractive, making it easier for you to identify the fragrant rafters. For Asian odds, if 1-2 hours before the match fluctuates or decreases slightly, then the bet is safe. Or before the match takes place about 1 hour, reducing or increasing a little is also a safe bet.


Through the above article, hopefully you have understood what the upper and lower bets are. Moreover, you have also gained a lot of useful information about the parameters you need to know when catching a bet. The concept of the lower rafter is only relative. Everyone will have a different interpretation and understanding. To distinguish which team is at the top and which team is at the bottom, it is necessary to rely on many separate analysis factors. However, this difficult problem has been solved by the house for you.

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