What is the point spread? NFL, NBA & MLB . Explanation, Examples

When betting on a sporting event, there are several different types of bets that bettors can place on a single game.

You can bet on the spread, line, total or decide to bet on several backing bets. Whichever bet type you choose to bet on, it’s important that you understand what each type of bet means and what needs to happen for you to win.

Here’s everything you need to know about spread betting.

When betting on point spread, you are betting on the odds of winning in a sporting event. This is the most common bet type when betting on the NFL, College Football, College Basketball or the NBA.

There are two sides to every spread point.

First, there is the favorite team or the team that is expected to win the game / is considered the better team. To win a point difference with a favorite team, the team must win by a certain number of points/goals/runs for the bet to cash.

There is also the underdog, i.e. the team that is considered the weaker team and is expected to lose the match. To win the spread with the weaker team, they must either lose fewer points than the spread or win the game outright.

In this Week 17 game of the 2021 NFL season, the Kansas City Captains are the 5-point favorites at WynnBET Sportsbook against the Bengali Cincinnati.

Bettors on the Captain need them to win this match by more than five points to cover the point difference. Any bettor who bets on the Bengals point spread will need them to either lose by less than five points or win the game outright.

Spread is betting on the margin of victory in a sporting event.

The team with a minus sign, such as in the example above (-5), is the favorite.

The team with a plus sign, such as in the example above (+5), is the weaker team.

Next to the point spread, or in this case at WynnBET, below the point spread, will be the US odds for each bet.

In this match, betting on Kansas City Captains -5 will allow bettors to win $1 for every $1.10 wagered. The same goes for a bettor who wants to bet on Bengals +5.

Here are a few examples to understand how spread works when betting.

Let’s start with the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Baltimore Ravens in NFL Week 17 of the 2021 season.

The final score determines the outcome of the bet, so assuming Raven loses, 31-24.

In that case the Rams will cover the difference -3.5 points.

Here is another example:

In week 16 of the NFL, the Los Angeles Chargers are 10.5 points favorites ahead of the Houston Texans.

The Texans eventually beat the Chargers 41-29.

Thus, the Texans covered a spread of +10.5 points.

Score spreads work the same in the NBA and College Basketball.

In this match, the New York Knicks were handicapped by 7.5 points against the Detroit Pistons.

Final point of the hypothesis: Knicks 112, Piston 102

In this scenario, the Knicks would have a spread of -7.5 points because they won by 10.

Sports that score less, such as baseball and hockey, have a point spread that is almost always set at +1.5 and -1.5.

This is a hypothetical example to understand the running track in baseball.

In this example, a bettor would need to bet more to win $1 on the Red Sox to lose a turn, or less bet on the Yankees to win two or more. The American odds beside the fixed running track will fluctuate based on the strength of the teams.

There are several factors that influence the construction of the point spread.

First, the odds researchers mathematically calculated the ratings for each team participating in a given season. As the team continues to play the game, the odds researchers will adjust based on the team’s performance and other factors.

For example, a team like the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant and James Harden will be more appreciated and favored more often than a youth team like the Pistons that ended with one of the NBA’s worst records in the 2020-21 season. .

Second, odds researchers take these ratings into account while also looking at other external factors. Those may include, but are not limited to, home advantage, injury, rest and opponent strength. That would allow them to make a point of spread before the scheduled match.

From there, the spread will vary based on how bettors start betting on the event. This will help the spread to reach a more accurate number. If a team gets the most spread, the odds providers will adjust the spread as they see fit to even out the whole match.

When a team “covers the spread”, it means that the team is simply placing a one-point difference bet. Going back to our examples above, the Knicks will cover the difference with the hypothetical final score against the Pistons.

Here at BetSided and in other publications, you’ll see the term “ATS” such as “The Knicks are 9-7 ATS on the road this season.”

ATS stands for “against the spread”. A team’s ATS record is simply their record compared to that season. For example, the Knicks covered nine times on the road and failed to cover seven times on the road.

Sports that score less, such as baseball and hockey, have a point spread that is almost always set at +1.5 and -1.5.

In baseball, the spread is also known as the “Running Line” and in hockey it is known as the “Plucking Line”.

The odds on the Runway or the Track will vary based on the team’s ability and will not be the standard -110 as is common in football or basketball.

https://fansided.com/betsided/education/point-spread?utm_source=RSS What is the point spread? NFL, NBA & MLB . Explanation, Examples

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