What is Spice in Star Wars?

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Spice up. Sought after by smugglers and syndicates alike, the intergalactic narcotic is actually a generic term that describes a variety of drugs – some medicinal, some more illegal. Although present mainly in the background; Spice is an essential part of war of stars Underworld and has appeared countless times throughout the franchise.

The substances under the “Spice” umbrella have a multitude of applications. Unrefined spice can be used medicinally to treat wounds and relieve pain. However, refined spice can be extremely addictive, and in war of stars that the habit-forming nature is exploited to advance the economy and blackmail enemies.

Primarily produced in the spice mines of Kessel, slaves were used to harvest the minerals needed to create dangerous drugs with a variety of side effects. The labor camps on Kessel were extremely hostile and the life expectancy of the workers was short.

In the greatly underrated film Solo: A Star Wars Story, A young Han Solo is assigned to steal coaxium (a type of hyperdrive fuel) from the Pike Syndicate on Kessel. There, fans could see the horrors of the Spice trade for the first time and catch a glimpse of the famous Kessel Run.

in the The Rise of Skywalker It turns out that Poe Dameron used to be a Spice smuggler, and it was Spice that got Han into trouble with Jabba the Hutt all those years ago The Empire Strikes Back. The newest war of stars cartoon The bad batch even touches spice, and Boba Fett’s book surrounds Boba’s desire to keep the spice trade off Tatooine.

A unique type of Spice produced on Kessel, Glitterstim, is particularly volatile and capable of awakening telepathic abilities and mental fortitude in users. Sound familiar? That’s right, we’re looking at you dune.

The direct connection between the Spice of war of starsand dunes mind-altering drug – Melange, commonly known as Spice. It is well known that the two stories mirror each other greatly war of stars Inspired by Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece. to see how dune influenced war of starscheck out the article here.

Spice up in war of stars is really just a combination of drugs and substances from around the galaxy. It is a term that has many meanings and is more fluid in its definition than its predecessor, dune. Either way when it comes down to it Spice upit’s probably best (as with most illegal drugs) to just say no.

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