What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting is a fantastic way to take advantage of all this solution’s benefits, while also freeing up internal IT resources. Well for starters, QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting software targeted toward midsize businesses. It can accommodate up to 40 users at any offered point in time. QuickBooks Enterprise is best suited for your company if you are looking for easy reporting, financial and inventory management, sales tracking, and payroll management.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting in Brief

To improve QB Enterprise capabilities, you can opt for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting on the cloud. QB Enterprise gives your company an edge over your competitors by helping you achieve better productivity and efficiency. This is done so via the cloud. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting on the cloud is the correct option for businesses of today. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting allows users to access all the data with the help of a Desktop as a Service for individuals from anywhere and at any time. This is especially true now considering how virtual-focused the world is. QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud hosted solution is more useful than locally installed desktop software any day.

Steps for Implementing QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud involves a few important steps that must be executed carefully to have a successful migration. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Planning and Evaluation

The foremost step in moving to QuickBooks Enterprise is planning and evaluation. Security auditors must analyze security compliance regarding risk tolerance, data security, and data backups. Technical experts should even assess ETL processes, reusability of existing resources, and a proposal of a cloud structure support for this solution. 

Hosting Provider Selection 

Now it is time to choose a cloud service provider to host the QuickBooks Enterprise solution. The cloud hosting vendor should support the QuickBooks Enterprise solution and entitle non-proprietary solutions to be implemented to deploy additional plugins. The QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting vendor should provide reliability and performance like or better than the existing platform. Also, make sure they supply a disaster recovery option. This usually entails a backup data center in a different geographical area than the primary data center.

Migration Tools and Cloud Storage Options  

After deciding on migration services and choosing cloud storage options, you should consider the migration strategy for moving the QuickBooks Enterprise solution to the cloud. Different migration strategies can also be looked into and finalized for hosting QuickBooks Enterprise solutions on the cloud. Ultimately you need to choose what is best for you.

Hosting the QuickBooks Enterprise

Once the migration strategy is chosen and the business is ready for migration, the QuickBooks Enterprise solution is hosted on the cloud by the selected provider as defined in the service level agreement. Your vendor may provide different tools that you can use to observe the progress of the system.

QuickBooks Enterprise Users Training

Not every worker will be accustomed to the new setup on the cloud and will require training. There are additional resources available on the cloud solution that your employees will require to get brought up to speed. You can contact the QB hosting service provider for a training session. You can also look for online or in-house training.


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting offers multiple options on an individual basis for managing your business’s accounting needs. Apps4Rent is an intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider which helps thousands of clients from small to big-sized businesses all over the United States. They even specialize in providing IT consultation to companies that need assistance in migration services such as Office 365 Migration into business processes.

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