What is Boosting and Reverse Boosting in Call of Duty games? answered

Gaming jargon has evolved over the years, with terms being created to explain various mechanics, strategies, and events. Yet even between similar games, there could be discrepancies that explain the same concept with a different term, with each game’s communities embracing them for different reasons. The Call of Duty franchise is a long-standing example of many of these tropes, especially when we consider the game’s competitive success and transition in esports. You may have come across the terms “boosting” and “reverse boosting” in Call of Duty and CoD: Warzone, but you are unfamiliar with the terms. Let’s disassemble them.

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What is Boosted in Call of Duty Games?

Boosting is a term used in many competitive games and represents the concept of a much higher skill and ranked player helping a lower ranked player to rank better. This happens most commonly in a version of competitive duo queue, where the game’s matchmaking system takes the two players’ MMR ratings and seeks a median between them to pair them with opponents. This creates a situation where the booster is still ranked higher than the enemies, giving them a chance to dominate the lobby and help the boostee rank up. Along with “boosting”, this concept is also sometimes referred to as “carrying”.

What is reverse boosting in Call of Duty games?

Although we use the word “boosting,” this concept is not the direct opposite of the concept outlined above. Reverse boosting is a way for some players to trick and manipulate matchmaking by intentionally ranking them down so they get easier lobbies and opponents. To reverse the boost, players intentionally play poorly, missing clear shots and dying from everything including a slight breeze. After several such matches, the system lowers their MMR and places them in lower-ranked lobbies, where the player can then absolutely dominate the opponents by playing to full skill level (something they clearly can’t do on their own). Rank). Apparently, this practice is very frowned upon in Call of Duty and other games, and is even considered a form of soft cheating. The concept of “reverse boosting” is sometimes referred to as “deranking” in other games.

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