What does Burst do in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? answered

Burst is a specific type of combo ender in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Art combos are a new mechanic that use positional status effects to deal optimal damage in combat. Xenoblade has numerous combo-specific attacks, and Burst is one of the strongest you can pull off. This guide explains how to use Burst and what it does in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What does Burst do in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Burst is one of two unique combo enders you can perform in battle. Where Smash aims to deal big bursts of damage, Burst has a different purpose.

Burst’s primary function is to nullify an enemy’s enraged state. Every powerful enemy and boss has a small flame in the middle of their health bar. Once they reach that flame, they get angry, use new attacks, and are generally much more difficult to manage.

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Performing a burst combo negates her rage benefits. A secondary effect of a burst combo increases the chance that enemies will drop rare items when defeated.

How to perform a burst combo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Art combos are performed by chaining together arts that involve position-based special attacks. As in a fighting game, these combinations must be lined up within a limited time in order to be really successful. Like fighting games, these combos follow a structure that must also be followed or these attacks will not link together. Every combo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 starts with a status effect called Break.

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If you look at Sena’s flashback art above, you can see it’s causing the break reaction. Be on the lookout for art that can inflict this status on an enemy. This is the correct chain of reactions you need to perform a burst.

  1. Break – These arts allow knocking down an enemy.
  2. Tumble – These arts knock down an opponent suffering from Break.
  3. Dazed – Enemies can become dazed after being knocked down. Dazed enemies cannot dodge attacks and party members will not generate aggro when attacking a dazed target.
  4. Burst – A finishing attack that negates an enemy’s Rage buff and causes them to drop better quality items.

Make sure you have a team composition capable of performing an art with these special effects to pull them off in battle. Burst combos will be crucial during Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s late-game action for managing world bosses and farming rare gear.

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