What Do I Need To Play At A PayPal Casino?


You may be asking, “Why PayPal?” Why not join online casinos where you can just directly deposit into the website’s account balance and start playing immediately? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out how many benefits using PayPal has that non-PayPal casinos are not taking advantage of!

What are some of these benefits? Do you need a membership? Read on to learn exactly what you need to play at CasinoTopsOnline’s list of PayPal casinos and have your questions answered.

1. Benefits of Using PayPal

PayPal, if you haven’t heard of it, is an e-wallet, but not just any e-wallet like Resolut or Nuteller, Paypal is the e-wallet with the most active users. Using PayPal guarantees that your personal data will not be leaked through simple transactions. 

The great thing about Gambling sites with an option in PayPal is that cashing out and depositing is completely hassle-free. As PayPal is a reputable, well-built service, expect to be done with long e-mail chains with customer service and waiting so long to cash out that all the money arrives weeks after you really needed it. 

Another benefit is related to the scarcity of casinos with PayPal as a banking method. PayPal is very strict with its online payment guidelines, and as such, casinos that have listed PayPal as a valid option have taken extraneous steps to line themselves up with regulations and licensing agreements, which would make sure that these sites are more compliant and less dodgy.

Lastly, no gambling on your bank records! A transfer to PayPal is innocuous; you could be paying for contract work, funding a kickstarter, or online shopping. Having a gambling record on your bank statements could spell disaster for future credit requests. Avoid putting yourself in these situations.

To me, seeing that PayPal is accepted is almost a kind of relief!

2. Does PayPal work like all the other options?

The short answer? Yes. The longer answer?

Well, some PayPal casinos might require withdrawals to be done through PayPal if the money was initially deposited through PayPal. That’s in order to prevent money laundering. Along that same line, there might be rules stating a maximum withdrawal via PayPal. 

Casinos also might charge a PayPal deposit/withdrawal fee, and some other casinos may have a bonus for topping up in PayPal. With these benefits and fees, always exercise caution and read thoroughly.

Lastly, PayPal is not accepted in all countries and states, but generally, if you’re from Sweden, Australia, Italy, Spain, or the United Kingdom, you should be good to go!

3. How to Deposit?

Create your Accounts

Before doing anything you must first create an account. In fact, two accounts, one for your PayPal and the other for the site you’re planning to game on. 

With PayPal, you just need an email account to sign up, but to top up your PayPal, be prepared to link a debit card or a credit card. If you’re not allowed to get either, it might be because such services are rare in your area. If so, you may perform bank transfers. If you don’t have a card because you’re too young, please stop reading this article and do something else!

One last thing about making an account is to top up some money before trying it out on the gaming site. A good amount is around £10 to £15 since some casinos might stipulate a minimum deposit.  

Choose Payment Option

After you have made both accounts and linked them together, make sure to select “PayPal” as your banking option on the casino’s payment page.

If you plan to link more than one payment option, make sure that your casino supports this. If not, make sure to link PayPal only at the moment you intend to deposit, if not you might have to always be logging in and out.

Enter Your Deposit Amount

Make sure to see at this point if any taxes apply to this mode of transaction. If taxes do apply, then calculate the correct amount of taxes included in the deposit.

Try to limit how many deposits you perform as they might be certain fees that charge per deposit. Even if they don’t, a great benefit of using an e-wallet is being able to keep track of how much you are depositing at once, so it’s good to transfer bigger amounts more frequently. 

Enter PayPal Details

At this point, be very very careful not to click on phishing links. It may be entirely possible that certain sites are built entirely to trick you into entering your details into their database. Make sure there is ‘https://’ in the website domain, or make sure your browser displays a closed padlock icon on your browser’s address bar. 

After successful registration, you should receive an email or a notification on-site from the casino once the transaction has been successful. You should also receive some sort of notification from PayPal about your transaction details right after you click deposit. If this doesn’t arrive within a couple of minutes, make sure to be wary.


4. How to Withdraw? 

Choose Withdrawal Option

After you have made both accounts and linked them together, make sure to select “PayPal” as your withdrawal method at the casino’s payment page. Cashing out is always fun, but make sure not to jump into it. Sometimes cashing out through other methods might be better for you especially if there is a monthly cap on how much you can withdraw from PayPal. 

The benefit of PayPal is the fast, near-instant processing of payments, so make sure to save it if you might run into scenarios where you need the cash fast.

Enter your Withdrawal Amount

Just like with depositing, check at this point if any taxes apply to this mode of transaction. It is likely that there may be a flat withdrawal fee. In this case, make sure to only withdraw larger amounts to minimise how much you have to pay in the way of fees.


As with signing up to any service, no matter how safe PayPal or your chosen online casino may seem, there’s no reason not to be doubly and triply sure. That’s why in this article we have given you many ways to make yourself safe.

You don’t need personal identification and captchas and other troublesome things to use PayPal at a PayPal casino, but what you can use and will get you to sweet earnings safely, is some common techniques for wisely depositing and withdrawing cash online.

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