What are the seafarers in Elden Ring? answered

Chances are that players will encounter a Tibia Mariner at one point or another in the Elden Ring. While not the most pressing threat at first, this boss spawns in multiple locations on the map to ruin perfectly good shallow water areas. What makes her so special? They are actually tied to a specific merchant in the Lands Between.

Tibia Mariners are skeletal bosses with a purple hue who paddle through shallow water in a small rowboat. The first one you encounter in the game is usually near the outskirts of Summonwater village. This boss doesn’t pose much of a challenge and if defeated will reward the player with an interesting summon that is actually quite useful. The skeleton militiaman Ashes summons two skeletons that can be resurrected from the dead if defeated in combat and not hit again before they can get up.

However, the primary reason Tainted seek out these Mariner bosses is that they reward Deathroot when defeated. Deathroot is a special item that piques the interest of the Gurranq Beast Clergyman, a merchant who offers unique items based on the amount of Deathroots fed to him. He is in the Bestial Sanctum, which you can reach by finding a gate in Limgrave north of the Third Church of Marika.

There are several Tibia Mariners to fight on the map. The other three locations are as follows:

  • Artists Cabin in Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Wyndham Catacombs at Wyndham Ruins
  • Snow Valley Ruins Overlook in Mountaintops of the Giants

While the Seafarer is a weakling in Summonwater, these bosses become more deadly the farther down the map they are discovered. They eventually summon a ton of adds and can even cause a giant skeleton to rise up underneath the player to put them out if they’re not careful.

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