“What a Joke”: Mike Pence Torn to Pieces for Planned Airlift

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Mike Pence, appearing on Fox and discussing what the US should do to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said that the US needed more than just the delivery of Polish MiG planes and loads of defense weapons. not for Ukraine, but also to send a large amount of humanitarian aid in a “Berlin Airlift for the 21st Century”.

Addressing that call for a major airlift while appearing on Fox and Friends, Pence speak:

We need a Berlin Airlift for the 21st century. We need to control the resources of the free world and ensure that the despised people of Ukraine who are suffering from this aggression consciously food and water, and the medicine they need to prevail. “

“My wife, Karen, and I were in Poland two weeks ago. We arrived at the border and went into Ukraine with Franklin Graham and we saw amazingly heartbreaking images of thousands of women and children crossing the border.

It remains unanswered why the US should spend billions of dollars and send US planes and crews into an active war zone, risking a Third World War and thus causing nuclear weapons for a country that is not even an ally of the United States.

If Pence’s plan is approved, US planes will fly into an active war zone and just one shot down can turn into a nuclear missile that flies back and forth. That doesn’t sound worth it.

In any case, Pence then continued, shifting from calling for humanitarian aid in a risky way to providing more weapons to the Ukrainians. In his words:

They have pilots in Ukraine who can fly [the Polish MiG 29s]. But just as importantly, we need to continue to provide ground-based air defense systems that can destroy Russian planes carrying out stratospheric bombing raids.. ”

Continuing, he also speak:

We have to give them the tools to defend themselves. We have to isolate Russia more than announced today, and we need to launch that huge humanitarian effort by the West for the people of Ukraine. That is the path to victory.”

“[…]Right now, what we have to do is redouble our efforts to give the President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian army everything they needed to defend themselves. We need to continue to increase the economic pressure.

Darren Beattie, creator of Revolver News and a leading figure of the New Right, slams Pence for his calls for unnecessarily escalating behavior, putting his views on Pence quite simply. simple:

Indeed. Pence’s call for the US to send military planes to Ukraine, both for Ukraine to fly and for the US to provide aid as in the Berlin airlift, is madness. Furthermore, it is not necessary; Refueling on the Polish border is much safer and some jets probably won’t do much for the Ukrainians fighting against Russia’s much larger Air Force.

Helping the Ukrainians is in the national interest of the United States; but to do so in a way that risks a Third World War is certainly not. Pence is a joke for even suggesting it.

https://smartzune.com/such-a-joke-mike-pence-torn-to-pieces-for-absurd-airlift-plan/ “What a Joke”: Mike Pence Torn to Pieces for Planned Airlift

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