“We’re Joining Some Lawsuites”: Alaska Governor Biden’s Oil Drilling Claims

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Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, a Republican, slammed Team Biden’s oil and gas claims during an appearance on Fox News’ “Brian Kilmeade Show.”

Dunleavy has countered the idea promoted by Jen Psaki and other Biden agents that oil prices are rising not because the administration is hostile to fossil fuel production but because those companies simply aren’t taking advantage of it. use opportunity.

Psaki summed up that argument in a duel with a non-Japanese-speaking reporter, speechYes, there are nine thousand approved oil leases that oil companies are not currently exploiting. ”

She more that “So the suggestion that we don’t allow drilling companies is incorrect. I recommend asking oil and gas companies why they don’t use them if there is a desire to get more out. ”

Governor Dunleavy didn’t buy it. Countering the idea that the gas price crisis was the fault of oil and gas companies, Mr speak:

[W]If you shut down the Keystone pipeline, when our oil companies are either being shut down by federal judges or slowed down by the very same agencies that the Biden administration oversees, then that sort of thing is going to be hollow. tuck.

If you want to – if you really want to reduce energy costs, if you really want to save the environment, if you want to really make sure that we have national security – we care about national security. Ours, and Brian, it’s just that, if you really believe in a new, green future of renewable energy, you can’t just turn off the fire and the gas and expect the renewable age to emerge. miraculously.

You have to have a transition, and that means oil and gas. And you have to have enough oil and gas to meet the needs of us and our allies so that we don’t end up in a different position as we see with the ongoing Ukraine and Russia wars. “

“So her arguments – trust me, from – come from an oil country, her arguments are hollow. Because we’re in a number of lawsuits against this government – this federal government to get the oil production going.

While Dunleavy’s argument is strong and logical, he’s not the only one to make it. Oil companies also responded to Psaki’s comments.

Anne Bradbury, Executive Director of the American Board of Exploration & Production tell FOX Businessfor example, that:

That accusation is a complete red herring. It is indeed the fact that this administration has halted federal leases of land, which we are concerned about and which we think should resume are immediately distracted.. ”

Additionally, the President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Mike Sommers told FOX Business that:

This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of how this process works. Once you rent the land, there is a whole process that you have to go through. First, you have to really discover if there really is oil and gas in that land. You must first obtain a permit to actually develop the land.

“We’re actually developing more leases right now than we’ve had in two decades, so the White House certainly doesn’t have their facts on this.. ”

Whatever Psaki says, the oil companies are not to blame for the gas crisis. Instead, it seems government regulations and world events are to blame, especially if Governor Dunleavy and energy lobbyists are to be believed. “We’re Joining Some Lawsuites”: Alaska Governor Biden’s Oil Drilling Claims

Jake Nichol

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