Weapons that change war? Shocking video shows Russia’s hypersonic missile in action [WATCH]

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The Kinzhal, Russia’s supersonic air-launched missile, is one of the most advanced weapons on the planet, a weapon that even the United States has not yet perfected to fight.

According to Russian officials, high technology Kinzhal is The range is quite long, as it can hit targets up to 2,000 km (1,240 mi) away and is hypersonic: it is said to be able to fly faster than 6,000 km/h.

Well, the Russians simply ripped off the shiny new weapon’s outer coating and tested it in combat, using one in Ukraine to destroy an arsenal near the Ukraine-Polish border.

Jack Posobiec, reporting on the incident, shared this (supposedly) video of Kinzhal streaking across the sky.

Additionally, the Russian Defense Ministry shared this video on Twitter, which allegedly shows the hypersonic missile hitting its target:

BBC report that the video shows a missile attack in “Deliatyn, a village in southwestern Ukraine just 100km . from the border with Romania. ”

While both videos at this point are unverified, the attack is believed to have taken place. fox, Report about the alleged strike, said that:

Fox News Digital has yet to confirm whether Russia is indeed launching a hypersonic missile for the first time in a combat setting, but Russia expert Rebekah Koffler suggests that even hints at launching such a weapon. That’s also very meaningful.

“It’s a game changer in geopolitics, unlike in the military, because they’re trying to [send a] strategic message,” she said. “In my opinion, [Russian President Vladimir Putin] is climbing small steps in the escalation of the nuclear war orbit.

[…]”He could have used some other rocket, and he chose a hypersonic missile,” she said. “So the strategic message is that they’ve got this weapon. We do not. But more importantly, because it has dual capabilities – it can be loaded with conventional warheads or nuclear warheads.

That said use of weapons is a step on the ladder to nuclear war may be a bit too much and overkill, but the view that the use of weapons is important is precisely because, if yes, the deployment of the weapon shows that the Russians have managed to create a viable version of the high-tech weapon, a high-tech version of the weapon that is fast and can change direction to the point of incapacitation. effective missile defense.

Reuters, reports more on the strike and what it targeted, more that:

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told a news conference that the submarine depot attacked by the Kinzhal system on Friday was a place for Ukrainian missiles and aircraft ammunition, according to an audio recording of the meeting released by news agencies. Tons of Russia shared.

So while we don’t know exactly what happened at the moment, it looks like the Russians may have just used an air-launched hypersonic missile in combat for the first time, a “first time”. first” impression put them ahead of the US on that. respect and potentially give them the ability to destroy anti-aircraft missile batteries that have been continuously developed by the US military since President Reagan.

If it does happen, that’s a significant development, with t

https://smartzune.com/war-changing-weapon-shocking-videos-purportedly-show-russian-hypersonic-missile-in-action-watch/ Weapons that change war? Shocking video shows Russia’s hypersonic missile in action [WATCH]

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