Weapon breaking in Dead Island 2 will remain, sorry

A huge hulking zombie is charging at you and preparing to throw a hay chopper.

I’m pretty sure that zombie hunk will break my gun.
screenshot: Dambuster Studios

I’m not gonna lie: I think weapon durability sucks. For all the supposed realism, I find the mechanics cumbersome and unnecessarily complicated. So you can imagine I wasn’t very keen to hear that Dambuster Studios just made lengthy comments defending the presence of the mechanic in its coming dead island 2, and says it wants to present a game that’s both over the top and “grounded in reality,” so weapons need to break. grumble, grumble.

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If you played the OG dead islandyou would know that weapon durability was part of the experience of this game. All melee weapons had a limited number of uses, indicated by a white bar around the weapon. Use it too often and phew, it would crumble right in your hands, causing you to search the inventory (or the world) for another club to kill zombies with. While weapon breakage is a contentious issue in games ranging from system shock 2 to breath of the wildDambuster Studios are bringing the mechanic back in their anticipated sequel.

in a (n internalwatch with VG247design director Adam Duckett said that weapon degradation is an integral part of dead island 2and defends the mechanic as something that could add variety to gameplay.

“Ranged weapons have ammo, so melee weapons have a degrade,” Duckett said. “We’re generous with it; We want players to explore the full arsenal of weapons – so we have so many great mods and so many perks and so many other things in this game that we want to show players. It also helps that players can have a wide variety of tools in their arsenal so they’ll never be without something to use.”

Art director Adam Olson (they have a lot of Adams) echoed Duckett’s opinion, saying that the fact that guns break helps it stick dead island 2 “grounded in reality,” although it’s an exaggeration.

“I find [weapon durability] Helps fit our tone a bit too,” Olson said. “Because this is a game that just keeps going, this is a game that’s over the top – but we want to be grounded in reality. Having a foothold in reality — and having weapons that break — helps us push other parts of the game into this over-the-top mentality.”


Both Adams agreed that realism is a key point dead island 2, and this extends to the visual representation of damage done to your enemies and your own gear. In fact, even if you turn off the HUD, Duckett explains, you can still “see the weapon in front of you degrading through different stages” so you know when it’s time to switch to something else.

“That’s what we really wanted to achieve with this game; We want you to be able to turn off the HUD and know everything that’s going on,” Olson said. “From our perspective, we want you to be able to tell the enemy’s health, how damaged they are, how worn your weapon is, how long you’ve been in combat… just by looking around. We want everything to be obvious to you, with or without a UI.”

In fact, they report that about half of the studio’s developers are now playing completely HUD-free.

I guess the HUD isn’t necessary for gathering vital information in the heat of battle. Knowing when my gun is going to break gives me an idea of ​​when to start looking for another. But I don’t always play realistic games, and a zombie killing game isn’t real to say the least. Having to worry about my weapon disintegrating in my hands while dodging the walkers of an undead certainly creates tension, but it could also be frustrating when weapons break too often.

That was my main problem with breath of the wildso we’ll see how dead island 2 Rates. Shit to me, but it seems weapon durability systems aren’t going away from major video games any time soon.

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dead island 2 will be released on February 3 for PC, PlayStation consoles, Stadia and Xbox systems.

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