WEAKNESS: White House Deputy National Security Advisor ASKS China to help contain Russia

What does Team Biden do when faced with an emergency? Apparently starting to ask America’s enemies for help. Apparently, she thinks that will help, and that’s what happened, as White House Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh said when he appeared on Bloomberg on Friday.

You see, China has a choice to make. If it is serious about upholding the principles it espouses, sovereignty and territorial integrity, this is the moment to show it. Europe is watching. The US is watching. The world is watching. Do you take these principles seriously?

“And do they care about the spillovers, the global spillovers, from Putin’s war in energy markets and food? They already have a home-made supply shock from the zero-COVID policy. Do you want to intensify this shock? So we’re watching very closely. We have options if China actively seeks to undermine our sanctions or complement these measures.

Completely absurd. Of course, the Chinese don’t care about principles any more than Putin cares about how well Biden slept yesterday, or a climate fanatic cares about the mess their favored climate policies will wreak.

Such things don’t matter to such people; Red China would obviously prefer control over the Russians and an unstable western hemisphere that gives them the power to exercise their discretion when it comes to Taiwan. Apparently they care much more about this national security goal than they do about a Western NGO’s version of “principles” or about Singh’s cries for help.

But he begs anyway, embarrassing the US and exposing its weakness for no real reason, no real need. What an idiot.

This isn’t the first time Biden has asked hostile regimes for help out of a crisis, as we saw with the oil situation in early March. Like even CNN reported back then:

Biden administration officials traveled to Venezuela over the weekend for talks on whether the country might be allowed to sell its oil on the international market to help replace Russian fuel. Biden could travel to Saudi Arabia while the US works to persuade the kingdom to increase production. And a forthcoming nuclear deal could put significant amounts of Iranian oil back on the market.

The Saudis, the Iranians, the Venezuelans and now the Red Chinese. Quite a cast of characters for Slow Joe and his left-wing minions, who are begging for help, if not in the least unexpected from Joe and his ilk, weak and obviously incompetent as they are.

https://smartzune.com/weakness-white-house-deputy-national-security-advisor-begs-china-to-help-restrain-russia/ WEAKNESS: White House Deputy National Security Advisor ASKS China to help contain Russia

Jake Nichol

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