“We will defend Taiwan”: Senator Scott sends a serious message to Red China

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Florida Senator Rick Scott was unimpressed when he appeared on CNBC’s “The Squawk Box” to discuss China policy.

Obviously very angry with the current state of America’s reputation abroad, angry that our enemies don’t take us seriously thanks to Biden’s weakness and incompetence, Senator Scott detonated, claiming that we’ve made it clear last time that a Red Chinse invasion of Taiwan is a red line for the United States.

Speaking of which, he said:

“I think with Taiwan, we have to be very clear, we will defend Taiwan. It’s number one… and I have a bill for that. ”

And what should we do to prevent the Red Chinese from sending an armed team to occupy Taiwan? Send Taiwan all the weapons it needs. In the words of Scott:

“Second, is that we’ll give them all the resources they need.”

Emphasizing why that matters, Scott offered his views on what would happen if Biden sent Ukraine the weapons they needed, saying:

“Now think how much money we are going to spend now to help Ukraine. If we’ve done this before – I mean, we have a $10 billion package. If we have given them 10 billion dollars in aid before, what is the chance that Putin has?

He won’t have. Because he would say, I can’t win that war. Okay, we have to do it – let’s act the same way as Taiwan, do it now. Do not wait. ”

Continuing from there, Scott returned to the topic of Red China, saying that the US was too dependent on China and needed to correct that as soon as possible, moving away from dependence on Chinese goods before too much. so late.

“And then every American has to say to himself, why do we want to put ourselves in a position of dependence on China, why do we do this? We cannot rely on them for anything, for medicine, for anything.

We have to find a way to get our economy, manufacturing going in this country and with our allies. “

How does Scott think we can do the same? By thinking clearly and stop buying Chinese goods.

In his view, we should buy American goods, or at least avoid buying Chinese goods, to boost the economies of the US and its allies while also weakening Red China. As he said:

Stop buying – every chance you can, do it with the Americans, do it with our allies. We have to figure this out so we don’t depend on them.

Because that’s where we’re at right now. People are dependent on Russian oil. I mean, you can see this coming. ”

Senator Scott has a view: for too long, the United States has let the growing economy intertwine with China, sending our factories abroad while America’s manufacturing hub weakens.

If we fight and win a war with the Reds, that should not only be stopped but reversed. Otherwise, we will be too dependent on China to fight and win.

https://smartzune.com/we-will-defend-taiwan-sen-scott-sends-a-serious-message-to-red-china/ “We will defend Taiwan”: Senator Scott sends a serious message to Red China

Jake Nichol

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