We know who Lady Whistledown is… do we care?

Through all the interested glances through the ballrooms, the steamy dances in the garden, and the sharp prongs of walking in the Bridgertona writer is not afraid to see it all.

Lady Whistledown is high society’s very own Gossip Girl, the author of an anonymous gossip column who isn’t afraid to call it the way she sees it. Throughout the first season, the hilarious dub of Lady Whistledown (performed by the once regal Dame Julie Andrews) cuts through the film and provides some intriguing storylines of its own. The Queen is determined to find out the identity of the writer who dares to question her choices, while stubborn Eloise Bridgerton is determined to find Lady Whistledown and share her own scathing criticisms of society. upstream. The gossip itself is just a source of pressure in the Bridgerton. Lady Whistledown’s anonymity and the stress of seeing everything seem to be coming from anywhere, maybe even everywhere.

[Ed. Note: This piece contains major spoilers for the end of the first season and Penelope’s plotline in season 2 of Bridgerton]

genevive and penelope secretly went through some pamphlets

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But in the final moments of Bridgerton Season 1, the mystery is revealed: Penelope Featherington is really the most notorious gossiper of the tons.

The question is… do we care?

The biggest factor Bridgerton Lady Whistledown’s identity was lost when the film came from her anonymity. This is a game not only for Eloise, Queen Charlotte and other characters, but also for us as a spectator. By revealing that hand too soon, much of that tension is quelled and replaced by a tedious plot about Penelope trying to run her pamphlet of trivia.

Besides the main romance at hand, there’s a lot of intrigue at work in Bridgerton. (One could even argue that there are also much.) In the first season, most of this is necessary to establish the main players in the series and provide more context for why the central characters are the way they are. For example, Daphne’s longing for an affair is reinforced by various fickle marriages and purely strategic relationships, especially in upper society. Sure, some of these extra storylines are more interesting than others, but overall, they work pretty well – even if they make the episodes amazingly long.

In the second season, the episodes are equally long to tie all these loose endings together. But for whatever reason, some of the more interesting characters and storylines from the first season — like opera singer Anthony’s mistress and the quirky painter who invited Benedict to some lavish sex parties — don’t. appear again. Their absence leaves more time for other players, which may take them longer, but unfortunately the rest of the storylines are rather dull. And the big reveal that Penelope is Lady Whistledown is possibly the worst offender, as it’s not enough to deepen the character or the challenges she faces within the fabric of high society or deep down. more on who she is and what she is like. engine is.

eloise and open for a walk

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Much of Penelope’s plot involves her managing her gossip empire or stalking Colin, who keeps telling her that she’s the person he trusts most in the world and that he can’t. imagine life without, like, total cruelty. The second is netting, but the first involves long walks across London and trips to dressmakers and print shops. There are plenty of scenes around Penelope that keep her business going and more or less doing the same things. She wants to be watched, and consider Whistledown as a way to get there, however detour. But knowing that is not enough to stick the entire character, let alone reveal this importance.

The hustle next to Penelope is also infused with a particularly compelling #girlboss energy – she’s an independent woman with her own business! Except… is she just hiding money underneath her floorboards and not really doing anything about it? Even though her family was broken?! What is her end game? Why do we need to know her identity right in the middle of the Anthony and Kate story, when it will be best explained later? If the show picks up on the books, then each of Bridgerton’s kids will get a chance to shine — and (the book spoiler) Penelope will be Colin’s favorite in season four. It’s the perfect time to dive into her double life, rather than a season that focuses on two characters with whom she barely interacts and who Lady Whistledown doesn’t do much of.

Everything Whistledown did was discovered by Eloise. This comes after Penelope made the difficult decision of publishing a scathing rumor about Eloise in order to save her from the queen’s wrath. But Eloise was so hurt and traumatized that Penelope not only announced those words but went behind her the whole time. Their resulting fight is devastating for their friendship, and it seems to resurrect Penelope to retrieve her Whistledown brush once more. It is likely that their failure will shape many future seasons and cause Penelope to rethink her goals and values; it can even give her an ax to sharpen. But that’s more work than they need.

If Lady Whistledown is simply a monstrous, mysterious voice (played by Julie Andrews again) it not only detracts from some of the moments of this episode, but also the plot throughout the entire mission. Eloise’s will be heightened – with even more catastrophic risks and explosions. Eloise can continue to sneak around to print shops and meet glamorous apprentices, and Penelope can continue to advise her against it, which will ultimately create a more compelling tension than possible. formed later. But the revelation of the mystery too early in the show’s run had a big impact on the exciting long story that only many television seasons could provide. But now that we know who it is… what else can it offer us?

Second season of Bridgerton available on Netflix.

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