We have failed as a society to give full credit to Domhnall Gleeson

When you think of the best actors working today, a few names always come to mind. Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchettand maybe some personal takes like Steven Yeun, Daniel Kaluuyaor Rebecca Hall. Domhnall Gleeson? Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear that often, but if you take a look at his filmography, you might change your mind. From his first starring role in 2013 Over time for his outstanding performance in White House Plumber is currently being broadcast Gleeson has always done an excellent job. Has his run as Admiral Hux in the war of stars sequels cool him? Will he be overshadowed by the fact that there’s a nominee for best actor in the world for a father? Brendan Gleeson? He may not have reached the same level of esteem as his father, but he is just as talented and will undoubtedly reach the same heights given equal time in the industry. Let’s take a look at one of the most underrated actors of the moment and why exactly he deserves your attention.

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What movies was Domhnall Gleeson in?

General Hux
Image via Lucasfilm

Domhnall Gleeson really excels at his ability to fit into a variety of genres, roles and even media, each of which showcases why he is such an incredible actor. What really sets him apart is his range, moving him from character to character, sometimes in a single year, and each performance feels fresh and unique while still maintaining the quality throughout. He played a quiet but charming Irishman who fought for himself Saoirse Ronan come back across the pond Brooklyn, across from Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-winning The revenantand showed us a lonely computer programmer being seduced by an AI into the incredible Ex Machina – all in one year! If you like a funny romantic comedy with just enough meat on the bone to get the gears going, then he’s absolutely amazing at it Over time, as a charming Englishman who uses the power of time travel to fix his love life.

Domhnall Gleeson’s talents also extend to television and major franchises

Domhnall Gleeson in Plumbers at the White House
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Still, he doesn’t have to be the leading man to make a difference. Im criminally underrated Calvary, He is in exactly one scene with his father Brendan and still manages to steal the scene if not the entire movie. If movies aren’t your thing, he’s great on TV too. If it’s just a one-off black mirror, where he manages to play a living man and his robotic replica with enough likeness to charm you but just enough stiffness to give you goosebumps, he can still be absolutely incredible. If you want him week-to-week he can do that too, with a great twist as John Dean white house plumber, assert oneself among others Woody Harrelson, Kathleen Turnerand excellent character actors like Gary Cole And John Carroll Lynch. Not to mention his role as a serial killer over the last year The patient Opposite Steve Carell That earned Gleeson a Golden Globe nomination. If you want a big franchise, he’s in both areas Harry Potter, And War of stars. Gleeson can do it all.

“About Time” is Domhnall Gleeson’s best performance to date

Tim and Mary About Time sit together

If you want to boil down Gleeson to a single achievement to show why he’s really that good, then the above achievement is his turn Over time really shows everything. British Rom-Com King wrote and directed the film Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, four weddings and a funeral), Gleeson takes on a role that could very easily turn sour, a man who uses his secret power of time travel to perfect his love life, and he plays it with all the charm, sadness and ultimately grace that the role demands highlight, and the film a modern classic. Ultimately, instead of a blatant, rude man screwing up and manipulating his life for his benefit, we realize that the ability to change your life doesn’t make you realize how great it really is until you enjoy it. Next to Bill Nighty And Rachel McAdams (two other people who might have this article about their careers) Gleeson makes the film by taking all the charm, wit, and clumsiness of your standard protagonist, Richard Curtis, and infusing it with a level of heartiness unmatched in any of his other films find is. The final scene with his father is perhaps the most heartbreaking scene in his and Nighy’s work.

Why isn’t Domhnall Gleeson considered one of the best actors?

Ex Machina Keikauku Beer
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Still, Gleeson isn’t raised like some of his co-stars. He performed alongside the above excellent actors (Daddy Gleeson, Nighy, McAdams, Ronan) as well as artists like Oscar Isaac In ex machina, Michael Fassbender In Frank, And Adam Driver In War of stars, and have performed just as well, if not better than them. What’s up with Domhnall? Let’s look at his war of stars co-stars. Now that he’s done, Driver seems to be submitting best actor nominations every year, and some of them even while he was still playing Kylo Ren. Oscar Isaac has returned to his former glory and stars in the excellent film The card counter from Paul Schraderand plays his part in it Denis Villeneuve‘S dune incredibly good, not to mention his performance on the side Jessica Chastain In Scenes from a Marriage. Gleeson now appears to be focusing on children’s films and television, which has yielded mediocre results compared to his contemporaries. The peter rabbit Movies aren’t exactly inspirational. This is not an accusation against Gleeson, no actor should be shamed for their roles, it just means that he has had a streak of bad luck lately which he will definitely recover from.

Gleeson seems to be something of a “glue guy,” a sports term that essentially means he puts in a lot of work and does the little things that can really advance everyone else, while maintaining an excellent but quiet level of production compared to others maintains hitting 70 home runs per year or hitting five slam dunks in a row. But sometimes it’s the most fun to watch the glue guys, and the ones everyone remembers. Gleeson is just that, someone in the shape of a Harry Dean Stantonor a Jennifer Coolidge. Legendary character actors who made some appearances we’ll never forget (Stanton in Paris, Texas, Coolidge in white lotus), while at the same time they are the gods who are somehow magnificent in everything they do, regardless of everything else around them. Gleeson has quietly built a career of varied performances, each singing their own way, and his acclaimed role in The patient and latest performance in White House Plumber are hopefully signs that he is breaking out of his crisis a bit. At just 40 years old, he has a long and promising career ahead of him. If you don’t jump on the bandwagon now, all true believers can later say I told you so.

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