Watch: WEF pushes CRT in crazy video

What direction is the World Economic Forum (WEF) going when it doesn’t promote Klaus Schwab’s now famous Great Reconstruction? Clearly promoting the Important Race Theory.

It did so in a recent video it began promoting on Twitter, a video that framed itself as an unbiased “explanation” of the critical but then rapidly turned into a powerful defense of evil ideology. See it here:

The nearly two-minute video is absolutely insane and as anyone who understands what CRT is can easily see, it is maliciously misleading and is intended to convince ordinary people that CRT is not that bad instead of convincing the public. convince them of its worth.

The clip begins in a semi-objective tone, introducing the topic by stating that CRT as a theory is “was first developed by American legal scholars in the 1980s.“So far true, as it is closely related to Critical Legal Theory.

Then, describing what CRT is and what it says, the WEF video says CRT “argues that the laws, rules, and regulations governing society today have been shaped by historical subordination of people of color and that this is the driving force behind today’s racial inequality. ”

Again, that is mostly correct, if it makes what are essentially race-based arguments sound dull.

It’s after that brief intro that the professional CRT game kickoff video begins with an “example” of alleged inequality and systemic racism (if you notice, it just can give an example and a weak one there).

This example, of course, is the much-discussed topic of the correspondingly high number of blacks incarcerated in the US (by race, not crime).

Speaking of which, it says that “Take the US criminal justice system as an example. While everyone is considered equal by law, black Americans are jailed at five times the rate of whites.. ”

Instead of explaining relative crime rates and why that might be, it goes ahead and frames the system as racist, saying “CRT says this disparity is a legacy of America’s racist past.

The video’s purpose is clearly to make that explanation sound, something as evidenced by its comment that CRT’s competitors complain that it “Draw all white people as bigots.

It’s not that they think the information is inaccurate or that its defense is false, the counter-argument must have been overly reasonable. Instead, the WEF argues that whites are upset about their racist justice system being called upon and then yelling “obstinacy” in response. By framing the problem that way, it is clearly trying to make the CRT seem much more sensible.

It then went on to defend the idea of ​​systemic racism promoted by many CRT promoters, saying “a system that doesn’t need racists working within it to produce racially disproportionate results. “

With that remark, it seems that even if there are no longer racists promoting policies, the policies themselves are still racist. Therefore, CRT promoters do not need to provide evidence of racism or racist policies, they simply need to make racist statements when describing any policies they do not like.

Similarly, it says “Most importantly, it acknowledges that racism is not a relic of the past and that by understanding its underlying causes we can begin to build a more just society.. “No evidence has been presented for that, a decision that can be justified by the previous claim that racists are not even necessary to the racist system. You just have to accept it and follow whatever they push as the solution.

What the WEF is promoting is morally and practically wrong. We need to adhere to the Great Regeneration program and CRT statements. Watch: WEF pushes CRT in crazy video

James Brien

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