Watch: Vapid “The View” Guest and Host Join the Circle CRT Shooting Team

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The hens that were chirping on the View were there (doing it for themselves on TV) again, this time fighting with each other over CRT and whether black people were victims.

It all started when Joy Behar, who was no longer the sharpest tool in the warehouse, shed tears of disinformation about how terrible white people are, speech:

They haven’t even paid compensation to the Native Americans in this country. It won’t happen too quickly. I’m just saying, people don’t want to admit that they’ve done something wrong, especially white people. White people don’t want to be held accountable for what they’ve done in this country.

Then, black man, Lindsey Gragner, jumped in and attacked Behar’s position, saying that whites are not learning about CRT and black victimization, but about “black excellence.” “. In her words:

It was an entirely different conversation about critical race theory. I don’t think it’s relevant, because if we’re talking about critical race theory… my whole conversation yesterday was about teaching about black excellence. I want to see that as the first problem in your agenda, in your agenda. Because I want to see black people thrive. We are not victims. Agree? Although we have become victims, we are not victims. ”

Continuing to argue as the discussion leans towards CRT in schools, Granger then offers an example of what “black excellence” should be taught, speech:

We are certainly learning about slavery, and I think we should learn about the fact that Africans started the vaccination process. It is an African tradition. Why I never learned that until I was an adult.

At that point, Behar confused or misrepresented Behar’s comment, and Granger responded by saying:

You are deliberately misunderstanding what I mean. You know what I just said. I said we’re learning about Black victims consistently – it’s a fact. ”

And it wasn’t just Joy Behar but Granger who argued about CRT. She also fought with Sunny Hostin over ideology, which sparked the CRT debate in schools.

Describing why Marsha Blackburn’s question to Kentaji Brown Jackson about CRT in schools was fair, Granger returned black excellence rather than black victimization, and speakThe important racial theory still exists… needs to be reduced to 7-year-olds.

Of course, Hostin fired back immediately, protecting her beloved spreading efforts and speechIt’s not taught to 7 year olds… We want to teach kids about African American history. ”

Hostin and Granger also argued about the book, and Hostin shouted, “They want to ban Bakari Seller’s book. They want to ban the book about Negro excellence and the kids. It’s a book! I have a list of them!When asked by Granger to name a book that glorified bad luck, it was banned.

Then another of the squealing hens joined the ring firing squad, with Sarah Haines defending Granger to some degree and saying “Critical race theory has become an umbrella term for a number of other things that are happening.

Host did not buy it, ended up shouting “Race Theory is a Harvard Law class. It is a Harvard discipline that was started by Derrick Bell. There was a troll… Christopher Rufo – who decided to call African American history and the history of this country ‘critical racial theory’. And people like you bought into it.

They never came to a conclusion, but ended up yelling at each other. At the very least, it’s interesting to watch leftists attack each other. See them here: Watch: Vapid “The View” Guest and Host Join the Circle CRT Shooting Team

Jake Nichol

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