[WATCH] Tucker Carlson Completely Shredded and Revealed Miami’s RINO Representative, Maria Salazar

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Tucker Carlson has emerged as one of the most intelligent, sober and critical media personalities in recent times. His nightly monologue has reached must-see status if you believe in limited government and want to learn more about the completely corrupt regime we live in.

Now, his presence on Fox News both helps and harms the cause; Sticking with Fox disqualifies him (according to some) for the double reason that Fox is a corporate media company and for the fundamental reason that the network has damaged its reputation in the industry. the 2020 election irrevocably. Offense was always suspected, and Fox failed to reassure viewers whose side it was. It now doesn’t help shills like necon Sean Hannity promote war at every turn.

However, this network allows Tucker to enjoy both a big budget and an even larger audience. The fact that every cable subscriber has the ability to tune in provides him with immediate reach and influence. Now, the latter’s positive attributes outweigh the former’s everywhere.

Case in point: Tucker Carlson burned the earth, evaded, crushed, destroyed, shamed, exposed, and made every other incredible verbiage against the ignorant, stupid at the same time politician, purposeless and corrupt, Miami-based Republican Maria Salazar during twenty minutes of last night’s broadcast.

It is truly a sight to behold. Most astonishing was the fact that Salazar had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

See below:

It cannot be overstated: This interview is immediately painful and scary to watch (and I watched it live, not knowing Salazar in two words, obviously regretting how long it will squirm and lie under the whole weight of Tucker’s critical observations of her is clearly insensitive and hypocritical).

If you have twenty minutes, and don’t be afraid to hate yourself a little more for being reminded that our government is full of absolute idiots, then this interview is a must see. It goes on to remind viewers that all that was supposed to be the GOP’s “victory” in the House last November was also a sham. People are cheering for a Republican takeover of a blue district in Miami. But can anyone honestly say she’s better than a Democrat? Salazar joins the ranks of the RINOs who are useless in destroying our country.

Tucker staged the interview by reminding viewers of her stubbornness with this clip:

Reporter: Do you support the no-fly zone in Ukraine?

Salazar: I support everything related to punishing Vladimir Putin and helping the Ukrainians?

Reporter: Wouldn’t that mean direct conventional war with Russia?

Salazar: I don’t know what it will mean, but you know freedom isn’t free

Reporter: So you don’t know what the no-fly zone would mean if you had to shoot down a Russian plane?

Salazar: Of course.

He then invited her to join the show, opening with this unbelievable evasiveness:

Tucker: “How do you think that war, once it starts, will play out?”

Salazar: “I think it’s a hypothetical question. I think we should focus on what Zelensky asked Congress today.”

She promotes war and then claims thinking about what it means to be war with Russia is a waste of time with theories. All are crazy. And it only got worse from there. Like I said, see if you can stand it.

https://smartzune.com/watch-tucker-carlson-absolutely-shreds-and-exposes-miamis-rino-rep-maria-salazar/ [WATCH] Tucker Carlson Completely Shredded and Revealed Miami’s RINO Representative, Maria Salazar

Jake Nichol

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