Watch: This Left-wing City Shocker is Unbelievably Terrible

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Leftist countries, especially the cities within them, are being seen as hellholes.

New York City is full of crime and trash, criminals roam the streets thanks to the light-hearted policy on crime of the leftists who have run it for years now.

San Francisco and LA are both known for their “problems,” namely their massive homeless populations that the city government cannot find an effective way to address, their drug-related and widespread problems. their streets and sidewalks.

But one of the worst left-wing cities might be Seattle, a city that has fallen on the left’s radar. Just watch this video:

HAPPENING NOW: Just hours after a shooting on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle, the madness returned. This is the stretch between Pike/Pine St. Using drugs outdoors, trading all kinds of goods, trash everywhere. How is this allowed?

And this video:

“Skip the ROAD: For those who don’t believe in the madness of what’s allowed on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle, here’s another vantage point. Hundreds of people just took over the storefront. No wonder businesses are leaving. Cray Cray. ”

The city was completely overrun and completely normal. Buy and sell drugs on the sidewalk. Garbage, merchandise, drugs and homeless people are scattered everywhere. Not a cop in sight despite the crowds of homeless and drug dealers.

Like Colorado politics description the problem in Seattle, it is one of government permissiveness and the resulting crime that anyone would expect to accompany such policies:

The result of Seattle’s permissiveness rather than an effective policy to deal with rampant homelessness, fueled by equally rampant drug use. Toxic furnaces filled with filth, human waste, rats, used needles and other by-products of human misery have appeared in parks, alleys, well-ventilated areas, along roads – almost anywhere. Compounded to these gruesome scenes are the corresponding crime statistics.

The figures are capturing. The property crime rate in Seattle is also staggering, at 5,258 per 100,000. By comparison, this is about 2,000 per 100K higher than Chicago, almost twice the rate of Los Angeles and three and a half times the rate in New York. Of the 20 major US cities, only San Francisco, pursues social policies similar to Seattle. higher, just over 6,000. (Denver, for score holders, falls somewhere in the middle, at 3,667)

When the police disappear, criminals appear. And it certainly shows up here, along with all the complications of anarchy.

Legitimate businesses are crowded with homeless people and drug dealers, law-abiding citizens can’t walk down the streets that have been taken over by criminals, using drugs. rampant drug abuse and complete disrespect for the law.

It is the wages of leftism, the consistent result of letting criminals do what they want and checking the police.

If Seattle can recover, it will first need to clean up its streets and the criminals who have taken over them. Watch: This Left-wing City Shocker is Unbelievably Terrible

Jake Nichol

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