Watch: Tesla Owner’s Viral Rant on Viral Ascent Charges

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What’s the little secret about Teslas and other electric vehicles? That no matter how slick they look, how funny Elon Musk is, or how much the leftists praise them, they will be held accountable forever. They can look cool, have good acceleration, and the left can act like they’re better for the environment than gas-powered cars,

But that’s true, and no matter how great it is, that doesn’t change the main issue: if you don’t charge your Tesla overnight, it will take you a while to charge during the day, which is very inconvenient. convenient when many people go down to the Tesla charging station.

In fact, according to Electrek, even a Tesla Supercharger station, by far the fastest way to charge a Tesla, takes longer than filling a tank of gas.

In ‘s website wordsCurrently, most of Tesla’s Superchargers can recharge for a distance of 200 km in just 15 minutes, depending on the charging speed.“That sounds impressive, but the Model S has range of nearly 400 miles. That means best-case scenario it will take about 30 minutes to fill up. Now imagine dozens of people waiting in line for the charging port and you will see the problem.

And that’s the fastest of the options. Ordinary electric car charging stations are of the kind you might have in your garage or commonly found in parking lots, which can take hours to recharge an electric car’s battery.

Some electric vehicle owners know that from the start and it doesn’t bother them. Whether they’re big car fans, think driving an electric car is a good thing to do because it’s better for the environment or because they charge their car at home and range issues don’t bother them. Charging problems are not a problem for them.

But it is a problem for some people. What if a power outage means you can’t charge your Tesla at home? What if you forgot to plug it in overnight and need to drive to work in the morning? What if you need to drive a distance beyond your car’s range and don’t want to wait an hour or so in the middle of your trip?

Well, that can create a problem, as you will have to visit a Tesla Supercharger. If multiple people had to, the wait would be quite inconvenient, as one Tesla owner noted in a viral video showing a long line of Teslas extending from a Supercharging station:

The rare time as a Tesla owner, I wish I could pay $6/gallon for gas and hit the road. We need more super chargers.

Bergman makes a fair point. $6 gas is painful on the wallet, but at least it only takes a few minutes. Electricity is cheap, but it can take half an hour or more to fill up a Tesla, and that’s if you don’t have a long line of other people in front of you. It looks like gas might have a slightly better staying power than electric vehicle proponents say. Watch: Tesla Owner’s Viral Rant on Viral Ascent Charges

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