Watch: School board calls police after mom comes into contact with hypocritical board member

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American parents are rebelling against left-wing hypocrites who have turned schools into a terrifying mix of left-wing reformatories and forced masked centers. Every day, kids go to school with books or are driven there by bus only to be told that white skin is ugly, straight is weird, and that the GOP is full of people who are “literally Hitler.” And while some blue-haired people waving rainbow flags clamored for it, they were forced to wear an itchy, uncomfortable mask.

Worse still, this biomedical police state has been around for so long that many kids don’t know what normal school is like. They have never seen their friends not cover their faces and meet in person and live only in school or online settings (imagine the hell for an energetic 7 year old), or online. but everyone must wear a mask all day.

Well, parents are fed up with it and they’re pushing back, losing out on administrators forcing their kids to wear masks in class while not wearing masks outside of school. Recently, one mother in particular pushed back, exposing board members as masked hypocrites forcing their students to do the same.

Well, the board members weren’t happy about being pushed back, losing out when she exposed them as hypocrites. See that here:

As you can hear in the video, the mother says “This is a picture of you, right here, on Facebook, with a disabled person who is disabled, without a mask. Here’s another photo of you, no mask

One member of the board, Kass, became angry, saying, “If you’re going to sit there and disparage a member of our school board, you can sit down. ”

The two quarreled and argued until Kass, who did not want to argue and wanted to rely on force, said “”Can we have a cop here, please?

In the face of that vulgar force, a member of the board of directors stopped Kass, saying “She will be able to say her part, I had to hear people come and criticize me. ”

Kass, preferring to use force rather than listen to dissent, said “That’s not okay, Jamie, it’s my family.

At that point, the original mother with the photos jumped back, saying “What do you think of our family? Our family is suffocating with your policies.

Kass then ran away from the meeting, unwilling to argue and unwilling to use force to expel a dissident. She then attempted to justify her hypocritical behavior in a statement to WDBJ7speak:

Just because you believe in wearing masks in a classroom, with 30 students sitting in a room close together, in a small, poorly ventilated room, asking them to wear a mask there isn’t the same as saying I need to. Wear a mask at home. It’s pretty sad and pretty low-key for them to come in and troll my Facebook looking for anything they can disparage about me.. ”

There is also a part 2 to the video, but that’s on TikTok, not Twitter.

Often, calling leftists hypocrites is as futile as telling dogs not to bark or telling kids not to run around and want sugar. Effective in the short term but not helpful in the long run.

But, in a narrow range of situations, it works. This is one of those things, because it shows the soldiers what the problem of wearing masks really is: they don’t really care about the safety of masks, hence why they don’t wear them. when out of the classroom. Instead, they enjoy power travel and don’t want to give up the increased control given to them by the Covid pandemic.

That’s what really happens, and exposing the truth by calling them up is the only way to show the average person that radicals promote agencies interested in control, not health or safety. Watch: School board calls police after mom comes into contact with hypocritical board member

Dustin Huang

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