Watch: Pelosi Giving All of Ukraine “The Scheme” on ABC

Why do Democrats and RINO want to mess with Russia over Ukraine? After years of relative peace, sabers hum and war drums resound, but for what? Why are they so intent on opposing Putin right now.

Two general responses were of interest to the commenters. One is that this is a case of “waving the dog”. Biden (or more realistically, a member of the elderly president’s team), wanting to distract us from his many domestic failures, is stirring up trouble so that Americans focus on the game and forget about it. Bad things are happening in the country.

That may be true, but war with Russia will be a major war, not a distracting cruise missile attack. Even when it comes to skeptic Democrats, it’s hard to believe that World War III would take place just to distract Americans from inflation.

Another reason given is that they hate Putin because he is a traditionalist. Russia does not succumb to the American Global Empire on issues of diversity and homosexuality, and is instead a Christian country proud of its heritage, so many doubt that the Democrats authoritarianism and globalist RINO, against tradition, want to go to war with it to destroy it. traces of reactionary thought.

To me, that’s more convincing, but also has flaws. First, many of Ukraine’s best fighters belong to right-wing, private battalions like the Azov or the Right Sector. Is it true war over the rainbow flag, it seems hard to believe that we will fight on the side of one traditionalist group against another. They could theoretically hope traditionalists kill each other and Ukraine, having become more dependent on the West, will purge remaining reactionary elements, but that is deep speculation. far.

So we have potential reasons for warming, but haven’t heard much from the Democrats themselves about the “why”.

Luckily for us, Nancy Pelosi may have dropped out of the game in a recent interview. Watch it here, listen closely and try to capture what she has to say and how it delivers on their agenda:

Did you catch it? The Treehouse conservation did. Here is the relevant section of the transcript:

“Well, I think we have to prepare for that. And that’s what the president is – yes, I believe he’s prepared for an invasion. I also understand why the President of Ukraine wants everyone to be calm and he wants his economy to stay intact. On the other hand, If we don’t threaten sanctions and the rest, it will ensure that Putin invades. Let’s hope that diplomacy works.

It’s about diplomatic deterrence. Diplomatic deterrence. And the president has made it very clear. Russia has to pay a big price to get there. So if Russia doesn’t invade, it’s not like he never intended it. It’s just that the sanctions have worked.“…“ I am very proud of the work that the president has done. ”

That’s the goal, the sections are marked. They are accusing him of something he never intended to do (hence why Russians, Ukrainians and Western Europeans are all baffled by accusations of impending war), and hope that he won’t actually do it because then they can claim that Biden and his actions are strong enough to defeat the evil Vladimir Putin. In doing so, they were able to both distract Americans from real problems and see Biden as a powerful leader after the fall of Afghanistan.

It was a rather insidious ploy, even for them, one fraught with needless war and other dire consequences. However, since Putin seems to have no intention of aggression, it could succeed. They need to be called up there so people know what they’re doing. Watch: Pelosi Giving All of Ukraine “The Scheme” on ABC

James Brien

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