WATCH: Parents Call for the Mask of the School Board President Hypocritical, She’s Eccentric!

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The left can take control of the education system in the United States as parents in working-class families are working hard to provide for their children, without realizing that the The fascists took over, even in their local school board.

Even so, by their play, these leftist actions include; Implementing lessons on Theory of Racism, enhancing sex education, and introducing gender modification classes, students’ parents, especially mothers, turned back, shocking those who had not been opposed for decades.

In Montgomery County (Virginia), during a meeting of the local School Board, parent Alecia Vaught ripped off council members for double standards, causing a snowflake to melt publicly.

“We sat here last year and listened to you preach to us about [former] Government [Ralph] Northam’s Executive Order [on masks in schools] and how we have to follow them,” she said in front of the microphone. “Do you guys remember? We have. ”

Vaught added, “So this is [new] governor [Glenn Youngkin] effective. But you don’t want to follow his orders [to make masks optional in schools]. Why so? Why is it different from last year…to this year? Two different governors, two different political parties. So we had to follow it last year, but not this year. That makes no sense and turns you all into a bunch of hypocrites.”

Vaught then turned her attention to President Sue Kass’ chair and pointed to photos of Kass without a mask on her phone “with a crowd of people”.

With that, Kass explodes telling Vaught “you’re done” asking a cop to kick her out. When the cop didn’t comply, Kass did what disrespectful radical Marxists would do, she slammed her laptop and left the meeting to get out of her moral routine. His fake is revealing.

And when Kass walked past a Vaught, she told the chairman of the board “we’re coming to make your seat.”

Kass’ reply? “You can make room for me.”

After the heated confrontation, Vaught and Kass spoke privately with WXFR-TV on the issues under discussion.

Vaught told the station that she and Second Second Constitution Group – of which she is the founder – sat in the front row of the room during the previous school board meeting and removed their masks in protest. WXFR said that elicited screams from Kass.

For her part, Kass told the station she was receiving malicious emails and phone calls regarding her position on the school board.

But Vaught told WXFR it’s the board that allows parents to choose what’s best for their children

“I am not on the right wing. I’m trying to do the right thing,” Vaught added to the station. “I’m doing the right thing for our kids, and I stand up and call for hypocrisy when there’s hypocrisy because we’re all tired of it – that’s the rule for you. not for me.”

But Kass told WXFR it was about respect: “She used a forum that was supposed to be for the community to express their concerns about the school, students and staff and she used it. use that forum for their own political purposes”.

Vaught stood firm, saying that board members “need to listen to parents. “We are parents, we dictate how they grow up, how they are educated, and we pay taxes to get those schools built. We pay these salaries, we elect these board members to the board of directors. ”

Here’s how you do it, folks.

Use the words and actions of progressives themselves when you urge them to relinquish their positions or when asking them to downplay radical decisions that are negatively affecting the children to whom they are entrusted. to educate. WATCH: Parents Call for the Mask of the School Board President Hypocritical, She’s Eccentric!

Dustin Huang

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